Vita Craft Cookware for Induction Cooking


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Health Craft, the company you see at RV and other shows doing the waterless cooking, has a new Commercial line called Vita Craft. One of their reps, Bob Welch is promoting these for RV use.

Nancy and I chose 4 Vita Craft pans that we feel we'd most use and plan to use them in our LM 365 when we get it in late Feb 2015. We also got one of their single burner Induction cooktops for times when we need 3 burners at the same time (rare), but also when I want to cook outside on the picnic table.

I will circle back to this thread and add my review when we've had a chance to use the pans.

Since we have taken delivery of the pans, for now, I can say:

  • They seem well built
  • They are lighter weight than the Calphalon SS pans we have at home (better for the RV and may conduct heat faster)
If after use, I can recommend these pans, I'll work with the supplier to put a special together for Heartlanders that include the most popular sizes and likely will include a single burner Induction cooktop.

I'm attaching 2 documents. One document has pans and retail pricing. Ignore the pricing for now as I'd assume we can better this with a promotional package.


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