Volunteer Opportunities at 2011 North American Heartland Owners Rally - Goshen, IN

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Hello Goshen Rally Attendees,

Do you feel led to volunteer?
A great rally includes important volunteer opportunities. Below is a list of areas that we are currently seeking volunteer team leaders and members for. In all cases, the leader will fully own the process. In some cases, the leader will perform all required work. In other cases, the leader will recruit additional team members to perform the required work. In all cases, I will work with volunteer leaders in advance to cover expectations and to give guidance.

If you wish to step up and be part of the rally team, please
email or call (574-333-1153) me with the area you are interested in. If you want to know more before committing, I remain available to answer your questions.

I will keep this thread closed but will add leaders as they nominate and are accepted.




2011 North American Heartland Owners Rally

June 15-19, 2011
Goshen, Indiana USA

Volunteer Opportunities

Updated: 10-Jan-2011

Rally Host / Vendor Coordinator

Plans and executes the rally. Is the primary “go to” person.

Wagon Master
Assists the Rally Host in any way possible to ensure a smooth execution of the rally.

  • Marv and Karen Osborn (SmokeyBare)

Concierge and Parking
Assists rally attendees in any way they can. Gives golf cart rides to rally hall etc.

  • Kevin and Nelly Wolbeck (knjp123) - Parking Captain
  • Marv Osborn (SmokeyBare)
  • Terry Hershberger (TerryH)
  • Tom Weber (tweber)
  • Ken and Kathy Adams (kakampers)
  • Paul and Sue Alfano (ALF) - Check-in Table
  • We need a few more volunteers for the Check-in Table

Vendor Coordinator
Layouts booth space in Heartland Marketplace. Coordinates load-in/out. Handles vendor related issues.

  • Ken and Kathy Adams (kakampers)

Pump-Out Service Coordinator
Maintains the pump-out sign-up list and collects the fees. Coordinates onsite with the service provider on Friday afternoon.

  • John Firth (ALTJOHN)

Rally Bag Coordinator
Plans, coordinates and executes the creation of rally bags / contents. Recruit a team of about a dozen to do this activity on Monday morning around 10 am in (location TBD).
  • Dave and Mary Hromek (cookie and Mrscookie)

Coffee Service
Prepares coffee by 7 am in the rally hall each morning and cleans pots/carafes when coffee is gone. Recruit helpers as needed - Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Caterer will provide coffee on Sunday morning.

  • Bill and Ornell Sims (osims)
  • Keith and Carol Lindgren (klindgren)
  • Larry and Samantha Bandstra (SoutherNights / MrsSouthernNights) - alternate 1

Food / Catering Coordinators
This team will:
- Assist in planning food and related supplies requirements and shopping
- Planning and setup of food/buffet tables/lines/signage
- Be the point on-site coordinator for the caterer

  • Jay and Stella Coffman (jayc)
  • Nathan and Byrd Mathis (nabo)

Rally Hall Clean-up
It is the expectation that all rally attendees pitch in without hesitation and without being asked. Especially during and after food events. Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
  • Mike and Ann Walker (mjatwalker)
  • Kevin and Nelly Wolbeck (knp123)

Door Prize Assistant
Door prize intake, security, display and grouping from Monday through Thursday. Recruit a team of 8 runners to deliver prizes to winners. Coordinate outflow and runner team during drawing on Thursday night.

  • Terry Hershberger (TerryH)

For Sale Items Table Coordinator
As we did the last 3 years, we plan to make available, a couple of tables for attendees to give away or sell items to other attendees (non-commercial). I am looking for one person to setup and coordinate this table and dispose of anything not removed by 10 am Sunday.

  • Mark Comer (mrcomer)

Photo Coordinator

This person aggregates digital images given to him/her during the rally from anyone at the rally taking pictures that wishes to share them. People will bring their flash media cards to the Coordinator who will copy them from the flash card and give the card right back, without affecting the images on it. Coordinator will need to have card readers for the more popular cards (SD/MS/XD etc). Coordinator will choose about 100 images that capture the essence of the rally, resize them and upload them to the Heartland Owners Gallery.

  • Debbie Bylinski (dbylinski)

Heartland Gives Back - Activity and Volunteers Coordinator
This person/couple will help recruit volunteers to work for and coordinate all efforts of the Heartland Gives Back activity. This activity is TBD. Last year, we collected food for the local food pantry and we went to the food pantry to work there for a half day. We are looking at community needs at this time and will come up with something that serves the local community in a meaningful way.

  • Buddy and Maureen Riddle (hcriddle)
  • Jim and Cheryl Horst (dieselengineer and dieselsweetheart)
  • Dave and Nona Gruner (truknutt)

Full-timing Discussion Moderator(s)
This has been a very popular discussion in the past few years and we want to keep the momentum going. We will have a full-timing discussion in the rally hall on a day and time that is TBD. We're adding more time to this discussion - planning for about 3-hours. Those who are full-timers now and anyone who is curious/interested in full-timing in the future are encouraged to attend. I am seeking a couple who are now full-timers to moderate this session. Moderators will create a list of touch points that are relevant to full-timing. A hand-out will be created and submitted. A time-line for the discussion will be created in order to keep the conversation on track.

  • Gregg and Lynette McHenry (netters1 / macattack)
  • Marv and Karen Osborn (SmokeyBare)

Food Drive Coordinator
This team will coordinate the on-site (4H Fairgrounds) food drive effort. Make sure collection boxes are stored when full and new boxes put out when needed. Make sure rally attendees are aware of where they can donate and what items are most needed. While this activity is planned, we have yet to confirm approval to hold it and we have yet to confirm local community need for this. Just planning ahead :)

  • Buddy and Maureen Riddle (hcriddle)
  • Jim and Cheryl Horst (dieselengineer and dieselsweetheart)
  • Dave and Nona Gruner (truknutt)

Rally Technical Coordinators

This team will plan, coordinate and execute all technical aspects of rally activities in the rally hall. These include:
- Audio Support (microphones and PA systems)
- Video Support (cameras, projectors and screens)
- Internet Support (for internal requirements only)
- Computer Support (for presenters and internal requirements)

  • Michael Kidd (linuxkidd)
  • Terry Hershberger (TerryH)

Leisure Time Activity Coordinators
This team will plan and coordinate all aspects of the Leisure Time Activities. This was formerly known as Ladies Handicrafts. The goal here is to widen the scope of what this is. It is neither limited to Ladies only or Handicrafts only. A room will be dedicated full-time to this from Wednesday through Saturday. The activities/ideas being contemplated at this time, but to be refined by the coordinators are:
- Painting
- Beading
- Knitting
- Needle Point
- Crochet
- Embroidery
- Other activities to be added
The Coordinators will seek out others who can lead sessions on the above activities and others. Some sessions will be as simple as showing each other what they have done or are working on. Other sessions will be mini-classes/how-tos.

  • Carol Hershberger
  • Nancy Beletti (yorkiemom)
  • Dorothy vanOpstal
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