Voting while fulltiming.


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For California, next Tuesday (June 8, 2010) is a voting day. Well, I didn't received my absentee ballot for the first time in years.

Last January I changed my home of record to FL by way of Specifically, I got my FL driver's license, registered my TV and RV in the state, got my FL hunting and fishing license, got my CCW. I guess for the most part I'm a FL resident.

I don't own any real property in FL. I still own a house in CA from which I moved from. I did not change my voting record in CA and did not apply to vote in FL. I expected to receive my CA ballot as usual.

Last month I finally submitted a permanent mailing address change to the Post Office.

So is this a normal problem for fulltimers not having the opportunity to vote? Did I do something wrong? Any words from the wise will be appreciated.


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I thought most states tied voter registration to driver license. I know when I got my new WA license I could check a box to register to vote.

I think you would have to register in the state that your DL is from since that is "primary" ID. Owning a home in CA has no real effect, since you can only be a resident in no-more than one state, and right now you are a Florida "resident".

For a while my wife and I had NO state of residency, according to the IRS, and she could not receive any of the tax-free stipeneds that go with many travel nursing jobs. We had to pay federal income tax on everything.


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When my wife got her FL driver's license she checked the voter registration request. She got a letter stating that because we did not live at a physical address or own FL real property and the address provided was a PMB (, she could not be registered to vote in FL.


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Escapees can vote in Texas. They have a home address in Livingston, Polk County, Texas. There was a legal fight a few years back about this and the Escapees won the battle. You can check it out on their website.