Want a bigger TV

Ok I have a 2018 Sundance that has a 32” TV that lowers behind the fireplace when stored but I would like to put a bigger TV on there and I know it obviously won’t lower down anymore but they say your supposed to lower it while traveling. Has anyone done this swap and just left it up and had any issues?


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I am stationary so I made the switch up to a 50” and put the main tv in the bedroom. Just wondering how far down the tv would go I notched out the opening and it went down 2/3 of the way.

mthoughtfrom what I saw is you should be ok with the following ideas:

1. Cut out the opening such that your larger tv can go down as far as possible.
2. Remove the cover door since it will never close and only be a source of damage.
3. Fashion some swim noodles to hold the tv in place around the edges of the tv…..not the middle where they would only touch the screen.

and I think you’ll be ok.