Warranty Process at Selling Dealer

I'm a new-ish owner of a Sundance Ultra 324BH, bought new last year. It is at the dealer (FunTown RV, Cleburne, TX) for warranty service on a few things before the year expires. I had what I thought was a leak on the top of the gray tank-- the symptom was a gush of water out from the corrugated plastic when I dropped the trailer off level on the few weekend trips I was able to take during Covid restrictions. I also had a couple of small problems with the heater. There was no heat in the bathroom and limited heat in the bunkroom. I figured that there was just an air duct crimped or blocked. That wouldn't have been too bad to fix myself, except I'm disabled and unable to remove the coroplast myself. Otherwise, the overall trailer was in pretty good shape and I'm satisfied with it.

So, at the dealer, they discovered the problem wasn't a leaking gray tank, but a couple of other spots that were leaking and apparently pooling on the plastic until I lowered the camper. They've identified that as well as an improperly sealed shower which caused leaking and damage to a lower cabinet. To be honest, I didn't see that damage, possibly because my knees are repaired and I don't bend well. They also found that the heater duct hoses were crimped as I suspected and that one heater duct hose wasn't attached.

So-- anyway, to my question. How long can I expect to wait for Heartland to approve the warranty work? Is there any reason they wouldn't approve the dealer work? They wouldn't have received the request from the dealer until Monday, March 5. I don't expect Heartland to reply to the dealer instantly, but what is reasonable?

So far, I'm very satisfied with the service department. I did have to wait for a couple of months for the appointment, but that was expected.
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quick answer would be to call Heartland warranty department, have last six numbers of your VIN handy. Ask if any warranty claims have been submitted & the status of those claims. I found out a claim was sent in and approved before we purchased our RV. Good luck
Good luck not sure their' warranty is worth the paper it written on this company does not rate very my dealer i think is trying but not much luck on my claim. hope you do better than i did
Yeah, the warranty coverage is not very good... I was denied coverage for a leaking shower that damaged some woodwork. Their excuse was that I didn't follow the prescribed maintenance schedule. The shower seal is supposed to be checked every three months. Because I didn't find a manufacturing defect in the first three months, I'm presumed to have not properly maintained the camper. This will be the only Heartland camper I ever buy. Back to Forest River for me.