Washer/Dryer Combo

After 1 1//2 years on the road we're looking to purchase a washer/dryer combo for our 2012 3650RL Big Country. Measurements seem to dictate a combo rather than separate stacked models - can anyone comment on the Splendide 2100XC model? Any other suggestions???:)


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We have the combo and use it while we're at the CG. Good for towels, socks, undies, t-shirts. My T's may be wrinkled a bit, but the cash I spend up here has more wrinkles. Nobody notices the shirt.
Just don't try to stuff it to the gills and it works fine. Powdered soap is recommended, as well as putting a drain
pan under it. If you have to winterize your rig, you MUST properly winterize the W/D per the manual. DAMHIKT :(

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Using one for 9 years while full timing. No problem here, been great for all our needs.
We use Tide liquid soap and Snuggle fabric softener in every load.


Been using one for two years of full timing. Had to call the troubleshooting hotline last Friday. The exhaust was plugged, they talked us through the procedure for removing the back panel and top in order to get to the soft rubber tube that was plugged. Also had us do the "cleaning" procedure afterwards. I don't know how we missed that in the instructions, but I must say it improved the drying performance back to like it was when it was new.


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My wife did tons of research about which type of washing machine and dryer to put in our rig and she made the dealership install the Splendide units. She uses it almost everyday and we've not had any problems.

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Had a ventless model on the boat for 12 years and have had a vented one in the trailer for 4 years now and have been very happy with both. Have only had one maintenance problem that required parts and found them easy to come by.


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We have the LG ventless combo, as said earlier, don't overload past half way. If you do, the dry time is really long (sometimes 4 hours) and the clothes come out very, very wrinkled. We take the clothes out about 45 minutes before the end of the cycle. They feel damp but a quick shake and they are dry. Not sure how that works but it does. Also the ventless combo from LG (which at the time was top rated) does not have lint trap. So when the clothes stop drying, that usually means the dryer needs to be cleaned on the inside. Not sure how to do it yet but I'll figure it out when the time comes and post it here. We got a good deal on ours. It was a return from someone who expected it to dry like a normal dryer. Beware, the combo units are very heavy, I was concerned about the unit moving around in the front of the fifthwheel but nope, no movement what so ever. Hope this helps.


Been using ours for over 5 seasons now.
Use HE detergent, just a little.

Liquid fabric softener is recommended. The use of softener helps the clothes fall off the drum as it reverses.

Don't overload.

We do a wash cycle with 0 dry time. When complete we pull and shake out the clothes then put back in for a dry only cycle. This greatly reduces wrinkles.

Don't slam the door shut. The latch assembly inside the door is plastic and can break. But, you cam temporarily fix it with wire ties that will hold for at least 2 years :).


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We have a Splendide Combo - the policy was no washer/Dryer no new trailer, my wife seems to love it but has mentioned that she thinks should would get a washer and separate dryer to see if it would speed the process of washing and drying more then one load which does happen a lot if you want no wrinkles. But in my opinion it sure beats going to the Laundromat.