washer/dryer securing non-matching brands


I have a Bighorn 3300DL and I put in a separate Samsung washer and Panda dryer. They obviously are not pairs but they work great.
I worry though when the time comes to move my RV, how do I secure both so they don't move around or topple while I'm driving?
I have the washer on a water tray and that part would be easy by just putting down 2x4's or whatever to wedge it in between the walls. The dryer
sitting on top is another matter. I can either wedge it in between the walls also with pillows or blankets. It won't really move much from left to
right but more front to back. I finally broke down and installed the dryer vent instead of inserting the long vent tube outside the window.


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Dryers are usually very lightweight. My first thought is to look at how they are connected when they are matching pairs and look for similarities in location of fastners. May get lucky.

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We had roughly the same issue, we have a GE apartment size 120V washer and panda dryer and initially I used gusset plates and L brackets drilled into both the washer and dryer to hold them together and we didn't have any issues other than I didn't care for the cosmetic look. If you go that route though make sure you don't hit any electronic components.

I did eventually pull the gusset plates and L brackets off, used 1x1's with plywood and virtually built a box around both the washer and dryer to hold them together in place, cosmetically it looks better and works the same. Unfortunately the mounting brackets they sell to attach a pair of the same washers and dryers together never worked with the mismatched combination we have.

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