Watch tv 2021 torque 373

Just bought this unit and pick it up Wednesday. I need a 28 in tv for bedroom. My question is do I need a 12 v tv? It does have a generator but I’d like to run it off house battery’s. And since I’m really new to this I have no clue what to do. Lol


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If you want to watch TV without being on shore power or on generator power, there are 2 ways: 1) get a TV that will work on 12V DC - Jensen makes a number of models. You'll have to tap into a 12V light circuit to get power. 2) Install an inverter to power a regular 120V AC TV.

In either case, you should consider increasing your battery capacity. Two group 27 or 29 batteries. You'll have to keep an eye on battery charge level and run the generator periodically to recharge. Or you can install solar panels to keep the batteries charged.