Water heater circuit board 91365


Our Pioneer 28Rg 2019 MODEL
the circuit board has failed for the hot water tank after on a few years is this normal to have to start replacing these
so far this unit has been DISAPOINTMENT the furnace would not ignite has it in dealer and no success
i relocated the the circuit board and reset switch to the front of the space just under the oven now it works fine
replaced both rear springs, had to replace a rim that was rusted through at the spokes, replaced all the circuit breakers located on frame
after each trip long or short all the light lens on celling have to be removed and cleaned of sawdust
the fan on hood range above the stove is mounted in plastic cup and melted
this unit a money pit with very poor warranty


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Had four new fivers in the past 10 years or so, never replaced any circuit cards yet. But everyone of them had foam and sawdust from the ceiling come down after being towed, their entire time we owned them.


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The circuit board on my 2018 Sundance failed a few months after I took delivery. The nearest Suburban authorized service center couldn't even look at it for two months. So instead, I bought a board on Amazon and replaced it myself. The interesting part was when doing research, I found that Suburban had recently re-designed their circuit board. Also upon inspecting my old board, I could see where the circuitry was burned. Then I found a picture on line of that same circuit board with burned components in the exact same place. So it was either built with faulty components or a bad design to begin with. I opened a claim with Suburban and with that evidence got them to (relucantly) reimburse me for the cost of the new board as they only wanted to honor their warranty if the work was done by a authorized dealer.

I made sure I purchased a board of the old design. No problems since.