Water Pump warning


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With a hard freeze coming tomorrow I had gotten the "Pink Stuff" at Walmart and was ready to go - went through all the prep and put the UDC hose in the bottle and no go, I could hear the pump running but the bottle stayed full. Not a happy camper.
I proceeded to clean the plumping with air but the big problem was the Splendide Combo. I had decided that I would replace the pump the next week and thought about leaving the heat on in the Bighorn so the washer wouldn't freeze. I took down the storage compartment wall to mark down the model number and as I checked the tubing I found that the winterizing fill hose was kinked, guess that was the problem because everything worked after I straightened it out. I am going to have to make a check to the set up because the pipe will continue to kink. The soft reinforced hosing is not made to be pulled in and out, it just doesn't work long term.


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While assisting a fellow BH owner last weekend we came across the same issue, "KINKED LINE." However we also had to clean out the strainer located on the pump for it also had a lot of gunk in it. Once we had everything straighten and cleaned we were back on the road to winterizing.


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Find a radiator hose clamp the right size to just fit over that hose and place it at the kink and tighten it just enough to hold it there and it won't kink in that spot.


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Thanks for the suggestion but I think I need to do something to that UDC improve the way the hose exits the connection and the direction it heads when pulled out of the hole when being used, that is when it kinked, it's happened every time I used it but this time the kink was bad enough to stop the operation of the pump. I've seen some mods that other owners on the forum have done and I need to incorporate some of their ideas into a fix.