Wavy siding - What's causing this?

2018 Trail Runner 292SLE

We picked out this RV and did what I thought was a detailed inspection and we did not see any damage inside the trailer. Thing looks new! Unfortulatly when I came home I noticed the siding on the rear of the RV is wavy.

I posted the question on a few Facebook groups and I am hearing it's due to water damage or heat or poor quality control or a combination of all of these. Someone recomended I find an owners forum and ask for thoughts from people that actually own these RVs... so here I am!
It is worth mentioning it was 100 degrees when I was there and it was of course all closed up.

What are your thoughts and how do I confirm the real cause before picking up this trailer?





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I had a similar situation happen to our 2017 BH Traveler a few years ago. The rear outside wall, under the window, of our trailer appeared to bow out. We were told by Heartland that we have a free floating wall and with our temps above 100+ degrees in AZ this is common. Our trailer is stored outside in direct heat.


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It's hard to tell what you're dealing with. Bowing of the rear panel a little may not be a problem. Delamination is usually more like a large bubble - perhaps 4" x 8" although the size can vary quite a bit. Bowing a little may be normal. Delamination is almost always a problem with water intrusion. There could be more serious problems under the panel.

But I'm confused about the status of the trailer. You started by saying "when I came home I noticed..." and finished by saying "how do I confirm the real cause before picking up this trailer?"

Have you purchased the trailer? If you purchased it already, it's probably yours for keeps. If it's a new, never previously sold 2018, it's been sitting on the dealer lot for a long time and probably hasn't been maintained. If dealer failure to check and maintain the caulking led to delamination, Heartland will almost certainly not cover it under warranty as it's not a factory defect. The dealer would be responsible for repairs.

If it's a previously owned trailer, there's no factory warranty for 2nd owners. And as it's a 2018, it's probably long out of warranty anyway. Who pays cost of repair would be a negotiation between you and the dealer or private party. If the paperwork says "as is" you may not get any help.

If you haven't bought the trailer yet, and aren't sure what you're dealing with, maybe you want to pass.