We brought our new Augusta home!!


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Well, we finally picked up our new 2010 Landmark Augusta on Thursday!! We love it! The new full body paint looks awesome. It is so great to look in the back yard and see it setting there. Our dealer did a full inspection on the rig and found a few issues the he fixed before we got there and we found a couple other small things that will be fixed when we get home from vacation. We are getting it packed for a trip to Texas to Buckhorn Lake Resort. Can't wait to get it on the road and spend some time in it. :D:D


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Wow!! It is beautiful. Looks like the high end Class A's with the side open storage bins. Have a good time breaking it in and keep us posted.


netters 1-Have they changed the shower in the 10's? They had the handles over the seat in the 09's. Love the colors in the full body paint. Did they offer a choice of colors? The weather here in Houston area is in upper 30's tonight buttttt upper 60's tomorrow. Then 70's later in the week. Remember here in Texas-If you don't like the weather today, wait till tomorrow- you'll will love it! Good luck in you new rig. Curt


Beautiful coach. Hope you make it to Goshen, IN in June so we can all eyeball it. Hope to see you there or on the road somewhere. Enjoy and safe travels.


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Thanks for the photos it looks wonderful. We are expecting to hear about our unit in a couple,of weeks.I see you also got the washer and dryer. Enjoy it is beautiful.


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Very nice Lynette!

I think I stayed in site 6014 in Buckhorn. If you can get that spot, it is a nice pull-through, end spot with a nice side yard. And you get get a great picture of it with the windmill and barn in the background. I changed my sig pic to the picture I took of my rig at Buckhorn.


Ray LeTourneau

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Very nice rig. The Ford color makes it look even more custom. You will be the envy of the campgrounds. Travel Safe!


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Sure is a nice looking rig, Love the paint !! A good looking truck also. (my wife has one just like it) Enjoy It and Happy Camping. JON :D :D :D


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It's even More Beautiful when your standing next to it....

They have put there personal touches inside... the Rig is fantastic...



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Bob and Chris

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Congratulations! It looks great. We picked ours up in April and have been personalizing before we head to the summernational drags in Topeka next week. Hope the shakedown cruise is trouble free!


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Thanks so much jgilbert, and thanks to you also Smokey Bare! We need a tour of your rig now Smokey! Bob and Chris, congrats on your new Landmark. We live about 70 miles south and east of Topeka. Enjoy the drags.


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WOW - what a beautiful rig. Doesn't the full body paint make the unit look great!!!. Congratulations.