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Hi everyone, Please help us welcome our newest Northern California Chapter members. They are Rich and Barb Heckendorf who are awaiting their 2017 Landmark 365 Arlington. The waiting is the worst part, but it will soon get here. How about posting some pics of your beautiful new coach. You can find Rich and Barb on the forum as richheck and they are from our home town of Modesto. You have our contact info so don't hesitate to call if we can help with anything. Enjoy your new coach and we look forward to meeting.

So how about a big Heartland welcome for our newest members

Chuck & Donna


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Rich & Barb,

Welcome to the Heartland Owners Club. Take advantage of the rallies, meet and greets, or campouts and you will meet some very nice people and make new friends.


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Thank you "everyone" for you warm welcoming comments. We are looking forward to meeting you all along the way and many great times with this group. We are signed up to attend the rallies in Canyonville, OR and on the waiting list for Lake Havasu. We're excited and anxiously waiting for delivery of our new RV.

Rich & Barb
Gypsy Rose (our traveling minnie Aussie)
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Rich and Barb, welcome neighbors! You are going to enjoy the Heartland Owners Club Family. Lots of friendly people and alot of good information to be found on the forum. We look forward to meeting you at an HOC function soon, we are also looking forward to seeing pictures of that new Landmark! Consider getting on the wait list for our Jackson Rally in October, it is going to be great fun. Safe travels!


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Hey Rich & Barb, Congratulations on the new Landmark 365. Hope to get together with you guys soon. You are in good company over there in Modesto, and we are not too far away either. It was great to hear from you on the PM and Email, Keep in touch. We are all here for you if you need anything. Let us know when you get your new rig. If you have any questions before or after delivery just ask. As you probably already know this forum is amazing, It will empower you to do repairs and Modifications to make your RV work for you in ways you never imagined.


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Rich and Barb,
Welcome to the Heartland Owners Club and Family! Enjoy your new Landmark. Trace


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Welcome to the Heartland Family Rick and Barb and congratulations on that new Arlington! I am hoping you will make some of the Rallies this year so you can show that new 365 off!



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Rich and Barb - hope you find and read this thread one day :)

Welcome to the Heartland Owners Forum and Heartland Family and a big congratulations on your Arlington order.

This past week, I was in an Arlington at a campground, chatting with the owners. They just LOVE the layout. I like it to!

Hope you're able to get to one or more Heartland rallies this year and show that Arlington to other Heartlanders.

Finally - I encourage you to join the Heartland Owners Club. Click the link in my signature to learn more.


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Hello Rick and Barb we are not neighbors were from Fort Worth Texas but we might be in your area sometime later this year welcome to the club

Jack & Lynette


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Welcome Rick and Barb to the Heartland family! Congratulations on your new Landmark Arlington....hope you will have many years of fun adventures making lots of memories! As previously noted, the forum is a wealth of information and the rallies are where you will meet terrific folks. You are lucky to have Chuck and Donna Hale as your chapter leaders! If possible, definitely get on the wait-list for the Jackson Rally in October! And if possible, be sure to register for the West Coast Regional Rally in September 2017 in Canyonville Oregon...gonna be a great time. :cool:

Happy trails,
Doris and Doug


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Welcome Rich and Barb. Bring that Arlington up to Oregon. We would love to meet you at an event sometime.