Welcome our newest HOC members


California-N Chapter Leaders-retired
Hi Heartlanders,

We would like to welcome our newest members to the Heartland family. These past few weeks have been busy with the addition of five new members. Please welcome,

Glen & Kathy Stracner- Northcalnurse
Mike & Keri Harnden- mharnden
Paul & Sherry Hulbert- paulhulburt
Kevin & Cindy Smith- Hwy1Run
Brian & Lorrayne Graham- Shadow724

How about a big Heartland welcome for our newest members!


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Welcome new Heartland family members. Travel safe and hope to see you at a rally soon. Enjoy.

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Founding Texas-West Chapter Leaders-Retired
Awesome to see the club grow! You will not be sorry you joined!!

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Welcome to your new family. Get ready to have alot of fun. Make sure you join us at the upcoming rally's. But be ready to toss your diet plan out the window.
Seems like all we do is eat share stories and laugh.
We have met so many wonderful people.
Also be sure to utilize this forum if you aren't already. There are a bunch of very smart and helpful people on here. If you need any help just ask the question.

Happy travels

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Welcome to you all. We hope to meet you at a future rally.

In the mean time, safe travels.


Mountain Region Director-Retired
WOW...Welcome to all the New Members! You have joined a super family of like minded RVer's.....
Hope to catch you down the road at a future Rally.......
Safe Travels...


Pacific Region Directors-Retired
Welcome to the Heartland Family all! Some of you we have had the distinct pleasure of meeting while the others we have not yet had that pleasure. We look forward to meeting and reuniting with you all!

Rod and Kelly