WFC-8955PEC Red Light and Water/Panel Mixed Together


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First post and Travel Trailer. A 21 Heartland Mallard M27. I ordered a fan for the bathroom and was investigating adding a second one in the opening without power when I noticed a dim red light on fuse #5 Main (main area led lights- see picture). This is dim not the bright open circuit red light if the fuse is pulled out or blown (same light different brightness). Does anyone know what this is indicating? Also pulled the access panel (paneling?) off next to the WFCO power center WF-8955PEC to take a peek around and the water for the outside shower is inter-mixed with all of the wires for the panel (picture included). Is this normal for an RV? It seems very dangerous to me. Maybe I'm over thinking it and should just move the power center to the shower? I was going to ask about upgrading to a 50amp for a second A/C, but this seems like it should be fixed before I add more power to the trailer. Haha. Any feedback? Should I call Heartland or WFCO?

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Honestly the mess you have found behind the access panel is pretty normal for any brand RV out these days. They are are all hand built on the spot, so there isnt a lot of organization when it comes to where the runs for anything is concerned. I have a fifth wheel, and behind the panels in the basement, there is jumble of wires hoses going everywhere. Upgrading to 50 amp, isnt going to be easily done unless you know an electrician.