What is the Wheel nut torques 2014 north trail with 14” wheels


After six years I need to change my tires what is the torque value of wheel nuts on a 2014 Northtrail 24 RBS with 14 inch wheels Goodyear endurance going on… Chinese bombs off … Thank you
The trailer did not come with a manual ….


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I didn't see a Heartland general overall manual for 2014 models on our forum library (click on "Tools" at the top of any forum page, then click on "manuals" to get the selection submenus), but I did find a 2015 overall manual for both 5th wheel and towable Heartland RV's.

Page 30 (by the manual index - page 32 by the left side highlighted pages) has a section on lug nuts. It says to torque to 120 foot pounds.

In the same library, under "Manufacturers Manuals" are 2 Lippert manuals, including 1 dated 2014 for all the suspension, wheels, frame, slideout, and landing gear components. Page 175 has all the torque specs and torque procedures for the wheels.