what is this roof vent for???


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As some of you know Im still getting to know my "new to me" Landmark. I decided to get on the roof again and do some looking around. Outside of it needing some rubber rolled on it I noticed i need to get new vents, redue the dicor and probably just get some roof tape as another layer of protection. I have 2 grey tanks and 1 black tank so i expected to see 3 plumbing vent, which I did see. I saw 1 attic vent ... now I started thinking that just 1 didn't seem right. Seems it would need at least 2 to get a draft going, but im not sure when it comes to an RV roof. I also saw another vent. This one is much different than the other 4. It isn't low and a 3 or 6 inch circle. It is rather tall and only about 1 1/2" round. I don't know what it is. Now it appears to be right above the bedroom closet which is also the washer/dryer closet. I had thought maybe a vent for the dryer but that doesn't make sense to me either. Maybe thats all the previous owner had laying around and used it for the other attic vent? Im not sure. Im wanting to order all the vents and make a job of it this weekend. any help would be greatly appreciated. Ill attach a few pics. The first is a wide shot showing the placement of all the vents.

On the left are the 2 plumbing vent with an attic vent infront of the skylight. On the right is the other plumbing vent and the tall vent in question. The tall vent in question is to the right most side of pic

a close up of the tall vent

closeup 1.jpg

closeup 2.jpg

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If you are plumbed for a washer/dryer installation in the closet, the smaller vent is likely a vent for the washer drain. Drain pipes need to be vented to allow the water to drain properly.


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I agree with Greg on the vent for washer. You say you need to roll some rubber on it...? Is it leaking...? Looks like a good cleaning and some Dicor might do the trick.


thanks guys!

I didnt think of that, I thought it would have been tied into an existing line instead of having its own. It looks in bad shape and has some cracks so ill replace it as well. Im going to replace the other plumbing vents with 360 Siphon vents. Do they make a special washer vent or can I use a 360 there as well? Only 1 attic vent is sufficient? This was new rubber put down by the previous owner. Its just bare rubber at this point so I was going to put the liquid rubber on for protection. I just want to get all the replacement work done first and give the Dicor time to dry.