Why aren’t North Trails more popular???


In almost 2 years of owning our 2019 NT 27RBDS, in all the travels we’ve enjoyed with it, we have only ONCE seen another NT and it just happened to be the same model as ours in the same campground, but it was 2 years older! I don’t know if it’s a regional thing or just not promoted very well, but we really love our model (even though they’ve now discontinued the model) and feel the quality of it is superior to many other brands, and we’ve owned a Jayco & a Starcraft prior to this TT.
We bought ours from an NT dealer in Western NC and they had at least 8 various models of NT at the time we bought ours, though they don’t have any 2021’s now, hopefully just due to availability. Granted, we’ve had a few issues over these 22 months, but nothing the dealer hasn’t been able to resolve to our satisfaction and entirely covered under warranty or I’ve been able to correct them myself without expense. They’ve been nothing like the issues with other brands we see on other RV Forums that I frequent, but the puzzling thing to me is how few posts there are on NT models from NT owners, often months or even a year between posts .... though it may simply mean other owners also have little to question about their camper!
I’m just curious if anyone else has wondered the same thing or if they see other NT’s out there often??? Obviously Heartland produces many “brands” that are more popular and more numerous, especially 5th wheels, but I hate to see people missing out on what we consider a quality & comfortable product.

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We see NT's almost every week. We see many more Mallards though and probably due to price point? We used to own a NT and you are right, it is a good rig to have. It is amazing how many HL owners have zero clue of the owners forum. Maybe that is the difference in the lower number of posts about them.


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The most popular Heartland travel trailer models are sold by Camping World under different names; Mallard being one example


True, we’ve seen a few Mallards in our travels, knowing they are basically the same units. It’s a shame more owners aren’t aware of the Owners Forum benefits to themselves.
We just recently bought a 2019 NT 22FBS. Loved the floorplan and storage. The trailer is amazing. You just don't see a lot of heartland trailers out west. We are in Phoenix. I have seen another NT in someone's back yard about 3 miles away. Around the block from us there's a Mallard. Other than that I don't see a lot.