Wilderness 3375KL wh shutoff valve location

Hello, we own a 2018 Wilderness 3375KL that has the Dometic GC6AA-10E water heater model. Currently, I have to reach in through the front basement area storage compartment to access the valves that are behind the water heater. Thankfully, I have long arms and can feel my way around to find the three valves. This is totally impossible for someone with short arms...like my wife. Is there an easier way of getting to these valves? Am I missing another access point? Is there a schematic that shows the location and description of each valve?

Thank you


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No other valves, these are the bypass valves that are used for by-passing the water heater during the winterizing process.
Also, you find there are no cut-off valves under the sinks or at the toilet, unless a previous owner has added these valves.
I understand that. Is there an easier way to easily access these valves behind the WH on a Wilderness 3375KL where you can visually see the valves? Currently, you have to stretch arm strong to reach the valves behind the tank.