Will Lippert Solid Steps fit Bighorn 3570rs


I have a 2014 heartland bighorn 3570rs, does anyone have knowledge if the Lippert Solid Steps will work or not. The interior hallway steps might interfere and I can find nothing online about interior requirements..


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Jump to 1:12 mark in my video below to see how I had to cut out a bit of my bottom step, to allow the Lippert steps to work. I have plans to rebuild all the steps in solid wood, just need to get out there and do it someday. :)


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We installed the Tork lift revolution steps due to this issue and they work great. Also don't have to worry about debris on the other steps falling into the rig when putting the steps away.


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The cost is most likely the reason they were not offered originally.

Many of us converted over to the Glowstep Revolution steps and love them. I believe that it would be a deal-breaker for me to buy a new rig with these steps as the only choice.


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I replaced mine with Torklift Glowsteps. Would never go back to anything else. They are extremely great