Winter storage cover suggestions


Looking for suggestions for cover for my 2010 Sundance 3200RE 5th wheel. Are they made to fit the particular model or are they a one size fits all sort of thing. Unit will stay in a permanent campsite in Northern Wisconsin. Thanks for any tips or suggestions


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The covers are not model specific but are type and size manufactured. Like a travel trailer or fifth wheel and length range.
I haven't read about too many successful coverings. They tend to rip in the wind or wear the finish on the camper.
As a cheezehead myself I wouldn't bother with a cover. Just maintain the caulking and keep it waxed.
Hopefully an experienced cover user will chime in here.



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There are many cover manufactures out there. From custom made (very expensive) to off the shelf. All covers only last a few years.
I have had ADCO in the past and more recently a cover from The one from National Covers seems to be made better and more durable (so far).

One caution is that covers tend to slap the side of the RV in the wind and can wear against the the RV. Especially at the corner between the roof and the side. They can wear on your rubber roof. I protect mine with custom made foam pieces.

Many will say that covers are not necessary. They probably aren't really. But they do, in my opinion, keep the RV cleaner during winter storage.

Manufacturer web sites will give you directions on how to measure. Most just have you select the type of RV and then measure the full length form end to end including ladders and bumpers.

Be very careful when putting a cover on or off. It's easy to trip and fall off the roof.


Thanks very much. Planning to go out this weekend and enjoy our camper this weekend. Your comments are very much appreciated.


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We live in Douglas County as well. Trying decide on a RV cover but don't want one that only lasts 6 months.
I'm in Ashland County in the snow belt area no cover for us no problems in 4 years, knock on wood. Just do inspections of roof s spring, summer & fall. Winter time just let the snow protect the roof.