Wobbly Dining Table Fixes?


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Hey guys, so I've got my beloved 2008 Cyclone 4012, and the dining table is super wobbly. It's a typical 3-post setup and for whatever reason it just never stays put. I've replaced some of the cups due to them being broken when I got the unit, but it's still wobbly and often comes loose and tosses everything off it. Here's a pic of the setup (not my specific unit, interwebs photo) -

Is there a way to make these things more secure? I've even considered drilling a thru-hole and using a pin at the cups at the underside of the table. The one problem on this is that the two that slide "under" the slide-out are inverted cups and there's no place to pin those above the floor. Thoughts?


"still wobbly and often comes loose and tosses everything"- are you leaving it up when traveling or taking it down? I always take mine apart when traveling down highway.