Women Only


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I met a lady at the seiverville rally pulling a 40 foot big Horn with a gm 3500 dually .
She is 80 years old.
Are there any women out there who are hauling their 5er by themselves? I'm looking for helpful suggestions.

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Wife wants to drive from home to campground next time out. Tho I'll be riding shotgun, she has driven on interstates w/o no problem.

To be quite honest, I feel very comfy w/ her at the wheel to relive me on the big roads. As a semi drive full time, I feel that sometimes I let my guard down a tad when towing the RV whereas she is on her toes as she doesn't tow often and more in tune w/ things going on around her. I think more scared would be a term to use, but handles things like a pro. Often times, I fall asleep once we switch.