I have a tub full of different colored yarn and would like to give it away. We are starting to down size in preparation to go FT. We'll be in Goshen and I'd be glad to pass it along to someone else.

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If you don't find anyone on the forum that speaks up for the yarn you might put it on the buy sell trade table at the market. I have seen items marked free in the past. That way ladies can pick what they can use and leave the rest for others. Just a suggestion. I would take it, but I probably need to do the same thing!


I have some in my FB group who are van dwellers, etc. and would love to have it. I could pay postage to me, then distribute.
SEARCH ‘ Nomadic Stitchers OTR ‘ on FB to find and message me. Thank you.
( pretty new here so not quite sure how to navigate!)
Also invite all needle artists/ crafters to join us there. 😁💕