View Full Version : Issue with Pinbox contacting the truck bed - ideas?

08-27-2009, 09:22 PM
We were at a state park this past weekend and our rig was the best looking one in the park. I am sooooo glad I went with the FT package.

I see that you are towing with the gooseneck. I would highly recommend getting the B&W companion hitch.

I hear that alot, i am not new to trailering but new to 5th wheels, when i looked at all the systems out there it seemed better to go this way, the only thing i have experienced it the Chucking on construction sections of the highway, but i really like the ease of installation and removal with the ball, but i think i am going to go with the companion, also with this system my lipert pin box contacted both sides of my bed tearing my linex. i am looking into several options to remedy this situation but so far have not really found a good one yet.

If any of you have an idea let me know please, it would be a shame to damage the coach or the truck, i am active duty military and this was a HUGE investment for my wife and I.

08-28-2009, 12:01 PM
I am the guy that picked up a rig similar to yours. They were setting side by side at the dealer in Ohio. I have posed this question on another thread and next week the local weld shop is going to do some modification to the pin box to try to remedy the situation. I will let you know how this comes out. On another issue, I am having some problems with the companion hitch. I discovered after we got home that the shock absorber was broke off where it fastens to the frame. I called B&W and they sent me out another shock. They are looking into why this happened. In addition, the frame has dented in the ribs on the bed where the hitch frame rests (not a lot though). They are supposed to get back to me today. I proposed welding in an angle iron across the back end of the frame so that it sets on all the ribs across the bed between the hitch frame. we will see what they say. The rig pullled really nice on the way home and it was actually pretty smooth even on some not very good roads. I am looking forward to solving these little issues. How did your trip home go? Did you go over the mountains? Also, have you weighed your unit yet? Mine is considerably heavier than I thought it would be.