View Full Version : RV Cover Tips Needed

10-01-2009, 10:08 PM
We have a Cyclone 3912 that has always been stored indoors. We recently relocated to the Duluth, MN area and indoor storage for this size rig is not financially feasable. I purchased a top of the line (Sunbrella Material) custom cover. It arrived the other day and while I understood it would be heavy did not expect it to be as heavy as it is.

I have seen the hoist that mounts to ladders that Camping World sells and am not sure how well that would work. . .

Having not used any form of cover in the past I am looking for any tips from those of you who have experince with this. . . any suggestions would be appreciated, i.e., start at the rear, front or side to side, etc.

10-05-2009, 11:09 AM
With my previous trailer I only used the storage bag once.
After that I used a large landscaping style garbage can, once the cover was on the trailer.

To remove I would pull up the sides and fold them along the top.
I would gather up the cover and feed it off the roof to someone on the ground feeding it into the can.

Once in the can re-covering was just the opposite, only I would pull most of it up on the roof first before stretching it along the length.

Don't do either on a windy or you could very well be pulled off the roof.