View Full Version : Gas Line Broken Check Yours

Tom of Ypsi
09-18-2006, 07:35 PM
This is a head up post. I found my gas line off door side in the front part of the slide on the Mt Rushmore broken. It appears that the wire support belt holding the plastic gas line broke allowing the gas line to get hung up while putting the slide in or out. I have not used my gas for the last two campouts so I do not know when this happened but if I would have been traveling with the gas on I suppose it could have gotten ugly. Please check your gas lines outside to make sure it is not cracked, broken or the support belt is not broken. I found this while Camping World was doing other work on my coach and had three workers concur that this is the gas line. I will be contacting the factory to see if they will do anything about this since my coach is 19 months old and out of warranty.

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