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05-02-2010, 02:14 PM
We have a 2010 LM Grand Canyon. Love it. When using the oven how warm or hot should the solid surface counter top material that lays over the burners get? Should it be removed before using the oven?
Last night we used the oven on 375 and we had an unpeeled banana on this counter top material. It got very warm to the touch and turned the banana peel black. Could the heat damage this counter top material? I would have thought the oven would be insulated enough to leave the counter top material in place. Please advise. Thank you.


05-02-2010, 03:51 PM
Doug, The oven has a vent towards the rear of the unit that is necessary for ventilation of the combustion fumes. We alway remove the covers before using the oven.

And tis is from Hanex's website.

Heat Damage

The innate feature of Hanex Solid Surfaces gives it excellent heat resistant properties compared to other surfacing materials in the market, however, to prevent any damages from heat, never place hot items directly on Hanex Solid Surfaces. Always use trivets with rubber feet when placing hot items on the countertop. Remember, placing hot pans or heat-generating appliances directly on Hanex Solid Surfaces may cause damages to your countertop. Avoid direct and indirect heat reaching temperatures of 80C (170F) or above.