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01-14-2007, 05:49 PM
I am going to have this radio installed.........


Has anyone had this done. I have a 2007 Chevy and do not want to lose any of the functions that came with the truck i.e. Onstar, steering wheel controls, dashboard display, voice command & xm radio.

Any feedback will be appreciated, even on the radio itself..good or bad


01-14-2007, 06:47 PM
Hi Tom,

With a good installer and more components, you should be able to retain most or all of your other items.

First, a couple of good resources to research this are:

MP3Car.com (http://www.mp3car.com/vbulletin/index.php)
This site is used mostly by enthusiasts and is a great place to post your question.

(http://www.the12volt.com/installbay/)This site is used mostly by professional installers. Good technical help if you plan to do it yourself.

Here's my thoughts on your plan:

Retain XM Radio: No problem. An XM radio tuner is available for your Pioneer AVIC-Z1

Retain OnStar: Most likely doable. I have read that most OnStar systems are stand-alone in terms of the equipment and that the audio can be interfaced with other head-units. Peripheral Electronics (http://peripheralelectronics.com/prodDetail.asp?strProductID=734&strCategory=OnStar/Data-Bus/CANBus&strSearch=) and others make interfaces if needed.

Retain Steering Wheel Controls: Doable but you will need an interface between the wiring from the steering wheel controls and the AVIC-Z1. Here again, Peripheral Electronics (http://peripheralelectronics.com/prodDetail.asp?strProductID=594&strCategory=Steering%20Wheel%20Control%20Interface s&strSearch=) is one manufacturer of these.

Dashboard Display: Not sure what this is. If this display is integrated into the current OEM head-unit that you will be pulling out, then you have an issue. If this display module is located elsewhere, then it should be retained. If that display also displays car stereo info, you may lose that data stream.

Voice Command: I see that the AVIC-Z1 itself has voice command features for all that unit does, so sounds like you'll have voice command capability. However, if your truck has voice command capability to control or interrogate items in addition to the radio, that feature will probably continue to work unless the logic/control circuits are built into the radio.

One last huge resource for all of this is to call Crutchfield (http://www.crutchfield.com/S-GIzOuttmezf/cgi-bin/ProdView.asp?g=182350&I=130AVICZ1) and speak to one of their advisors about the AVIC-Z1 vs. your truck. Most of them really know their stuff.

Best of luck.