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05-17-2007, 01:37 PM
Wife and I will be placing and order for a 34RL in next couple of months. Would appreciate some guidance with ordering options.

10 cu ft Frig - Dealer had no idea of the effect on storage of a larger Dometic refrigerator. Wife would rather put up with smaller frig than loose an inch of storage. Ice maker?

2nd Air - Will be visiting my sister in Phoenix so am thinking that a 2nd air conditioner is a good choice.

Trail-air Hitch - Hate the Clunk

Electric Rear Jacks - Makes quick setups a breeze on a trailer but on a 5er?

Metal Slide Tray?

High Gloss Exterior? More UV protection?

Dual Pane - How much extra wt?

Leather Euro - more comfort? longer wear? less wt?

High back chair? more comfortable? extra seating option

What is a 'Deluxe Pillow Package'?

Any comment on various options Yah or Nah are greatly apprecated.

Dealer wasn't much help and am considering ordering from Online discounter and picking up in IN and making the trip back a shakedown.

05-17-2007, 02:09 PM
Will you be fulltiming or just traveling? Could make a big difference in the answers.
We're fulltiming and have the 10 cf frig. DW wishes we had the 12 cf.

How often will you be in very hot climates? We went through our first summer in central Florida on an unshaded lot with only 1 AC, no problems.

Trailair pin box? You bet. Smooth ride when combined with Moryde suspension.

Electric rear stabilizer jacks are great. I just look and say 'Duh' when I see other folks getting out the crank.

Basement slide tray. We got it and it comes in handy but if we were doing it over again I'd try without it. Adds a lot of weight and decreases usable space in the basement. Since we use big plastic bins anyway, I think it would be just as easy to slide those around. You can always add it later.

05-17-2007, 02:50 PM
I would say yea to most everything on your list except pillow package and euro chairs.

Pillow package, decorator stuff to look at, not usable.

Euro chairs, we had them in first 06 3055, chairs are comfortable but foot rest (stool) is always in the way, reguardless it seems. Always need to move it. The regular recliners, to us in 2nd 08 3055, were very uncomfortable. We gave them away and purchased Lazyboys.

Highback chair???

Just my 3 cents worth.

05-17-2007, 03:42 PM
We went with everything on your list, and upgraded to the 12 cu ft fridge. We had enough storage in ours. I agree with Jimtoo on some of his comments. Gail got rid of the chairs-bought Layzboy-replaced the uncomfortable sofa/sleeper, and replaced all the pillows and spread. Some may consider many of the items as unnecessary, but they sure do make life easier.

05-17-2007, 05:31 PM
I would have to agree with the fine posts above and might consider adding dual pane windows and slide topper awnings. I have a partial list of weights on options posted for the Bighorn 3055, might give some approx. wts on yours.

High gloss gel coat--215lbs
Dual pane widows--120lbs
Elect. rear jacks---15lbs
Slide topper awnings for triple slide--101lbs

Options we ordered: dual pane windows,alum. wheels,slide awnings,elect. rear jacks,cental vac. ,trailair pin box, gel-coat and like them all. Kinda ,sorta, maybe wish 2nd AC.
Happy Travels--Ken

05-17-2007, 06:50 PM
Dual panes are a must. We have the standard 8 foot fridge. Maybe would have got the 10. We were use to Norcold fridges and they seem to have more "room" than a comparable Dometic. We don't seem to keep a lot of stuff in the fridge, however, and get along fine. I like the Euros and I am a pretty big boy. A great big plush recliner would be nice but just not doable in our 3055.

05-17-2007, 08:37 PM
Don't see a need for air ride hitch. Ours pulls great without.

Highgloss- definitely need this for looks/ no long term yellowing.

I would get the euro chairs as the recliners are a pain to move and only so-so comfortable.

Dual pane windows- absolutely- if nothing else helps with noise.

Love the rear electric jacks.

I have the 10ft fridge with ice maker. Would like to lose ice maker, like the fridge.

Love the fireplace.

And there is no way my wife could be without Central vac.

05-18-2007, 12:35 AM
..dual pane windows - a must for us
..slide topper awnings - also a must
..we like the standard recliners and the couch is OK
..high gloss - yes!
..electric rear jacks - yes!
..we have the 8cu ft fridge because going up to 10 would have cost us the pantry. Not a good trade off in my opinion.
..we got decorator pillows(they are for the bedroom)-wish we had saved the money
..high back chair is for the desk area - OK but not necessary
..metal slide tray - we looked and decided against it
..we thought about 2nd a/c got a fantastic fan with rain sensor above the bed instead
..make sure you get the one piece shower surround. We thought they all were, but found out differently when we read the options order form.
..trailair hitch - I wish we had done that or got one of the others on the market like it.
.. we got a 2nd battery and had a 5k generator installed before delivery

If your local dealer isn't being too helpful, you might try emailing Heartland from their website and they will send it to the factory rep for your area. Our rep made all the difference between making a deal and walking away. Doing that also meant we kept a relationship with a local dealer so we have a better chance of being treated well for warranty work. So far, they have treated us very well, but I don't think they would get work done as quickly if we had bought it elsewhere. Good Luck with your choices! I spent about a month researching options and deciding how to structure the deal making process. It was fun and a little stressful at the same time. All worth it now though!


05-18-2007, 08:08 PM
Does anyone know how much the high-gloss finish weighs?

05-18-2007, 08:46 PM
See post #5 above.

05-18-2007, 09:28 PM
If you check the measurements on the 8 cu ft and 10 cu ft refrigerators on the Dometic website, they are basically the same. They use different insulation in the 10 so the walls are thinner according to their spec sheets. We ordered the 10 cu ft without an icemaker and got it. Also, we didn't lose any pantry or cabinet space because of the 10 cu ft refrig. With the 12 cu ft, they are wider and you lose cabinets or pantry space.


05-18-2007, 10:06 PM
:D We'd like to thank everyone for there input. Believe it or not, it resolved all but one issue; the euro chairs. Sounds like you either love'm or hate them.

Another question devoloped after the wife saw the '08 3400RE yesterday. She really likes the kitchen on the 3400! When see saw the RE she thought that she would like it more than the RL. Seems to me that you loose a really big rear window and the option of an LCD TV for a heavy CRT TV from an unknown maker. Any comments are very welcome.


Rick and Lynn:confused:

Forrest Fetherolf
05-18-2007, 11:13 PM

One thing you might want to consider is the tv location in the 3400RE. If you do much tube watching the only seating in the living room is from both sides, not straight on. I looked at the different models and chose the 3600RL for that reason. We even went so far as switch the sofa to the rear and recliner chairs to the side. I also replaced the 26" tv with a Westinghouse 32" wide screen and replaced the two euro chairs with a double recliner. The large rear window really opens up the room, light and bright and offers a view. Good luck with your decision.........It a big one!


05-19-2007, 12:50 AM
I switched the coach to the rear and the recliners to the side in our 3600RL. Only problem is when we make the hide a bed up for pur daughter we have to move the chairs. Wife is now 5 months pregnant and obviously doesn't want to move then if I am not back yet. Euro chairs would be easier to move and probably just as comfy. Lazy boys they are not.

Ray LeTourneau
05-20-2007, 04:04 PM
We have the 3400RL and like the layout. The RE is nice but you might have conflicts trying to use the desk and watch TV at the same time. We full time and prefer the RL. Tha rear window is great for a breeze also. Certain 32" LCD's will fit the RL. The Euro chairs became uncomfortablle after an hour or so. We traded a guy with a new Mobile Scout for his recliners. Heavier but more comfort for us. Like you said Love em or hate em'. Have fun with whatever you decide.