View Full Version : Coby stereo system speaker question

06-04-2007, 11:29 AM
We got our 2997BHS on Saturday - YEA!!

We got it home and were listening to the radio and checking out the speaker switches in the front bed room. When I turned on the left switch, I got a very small "pop" from the left speaker, no radio sounds, and the same from the right speaker and right switch. Nothing else happend, no more "pops" happened (even when turning on/off switches) and no music, ever, came out of the front bed room speakers. The living room speakers seem fine while doing this.

Any ideas?


06-04-2007, 11:53 AM
Hi John,

Congratulations on picking up the new unit and welcome to a family of owners here.

If you are getting a pop but no sound, it sounds like the wires are connected at both ends (stereo system and speakers).

If you are up for it, consider pulling the switches out of the wall and checking the connections there. Even test it with another speaker, right at the switch if you have one to test with.

While you could also post your issue in the "Ask The Factory" forum for your model, you may get a quicker response by contacting Heartland's Customer Service Department at 574-262-8030. They may have come across this issue before.

Let us know what it ended up being so others may be helped by your temporary misfortune.