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09-17-2007, 08:48 AM
Living in western NY (Wilson), the nearest Heartland dealer is located 40 miles away and in Canada. The closest US dealer is in Ohio. Although I would consider traveling over to Canada to purchase a travel trailer, I don't know if border crossing difficulties would be worth it for minor warranty issues. So, my question is this:

Would Heartland consider authorizing a local independent rv technician to do any minor warranty repairs? The technician that currently take my trailer to is trained and experienced in rv repairs. Obviously, this would also require his willingness to perform warranty repairs and receiving payment as per Heartland policies.

Thanks for any information. And....any new Heartland dealers in the Western NY area?

09-17-2007, 08:56 AM
This should not be any problem at all. Heartland works with many independent repair shops to provide service to their customers. Many of us are full time RV'ers and are never close to our selling dealers or authorized Heartland dealers, and Heartland has authorized repairs through independent repair shops. Just contact Heartland Customer Service and they can direct you to a local facility.