View Full Version : Spring Rally With The "grand Poo-Bah"

04-09-2008, 11:58 AM
Well the spring rally has come and gone. In all we had 4 BH's, 1 Cyclone, and 1 SOB. The weather was nice and it did not rain this time. Jim Beletti flew out from Illinois to join in the fun. Jim is a wealth of information about Heartland products. Friday afternoon as everybody arrived and set up camp, we got to meet people that we only knew from the forum. Saturday morning we spent time checking out everybodys rigs and the improvements they have made. Everyone took a lot of pictures and they are now posted on HOG. BTW, we have no idea what Larry was doing with the tape measure, and really don't want too. The pot luck on saturday night was great. We had more food than we could ever eat. Dennis cooked his famous tri-tip. Thor,s (grandseahawk) wife made a killer salad and dessert. BTW, Thor brought 50#,s of avacadoes and his DW made fresh guacamole all day long. Jim brought a Julian apple pie. Everybody else just made lots of good stuff to eat. I do have one question though, how come the grand parents and all the kids got the table with all the booze (see pix). We also had a B-Day party that night. The bon fire duties was left to DebbiZ and she did a great job. We also presented Jim with a shirt from the 1st Socal rally(see pix) and a "GRAND POO-BAH" name tag. Now there is 1 pix with Larry having a tree cut down so he could get out of the campsite. I don't know why, he got in there!!?? We had a total of 19 people and kids. We had another banner signing for the people that came this time and made sure that Jim signed it also. (Going to have it bronzed). I can truthfully say that Pat and I had a great time with all the folks that came. I hope that everyone that came had a good time also. Well off to start planning the next one. Bob, Pat and the crazy cat:eek:

04-11-2008, 12:35 PM
50#,s of avacadoes

Ahhhh...Heavenly! I can only dream of such! :cool::)