View Full Version : Drawers in kitchen area

12-18-2015, 01:19 AM
I have a (21') 21 FBS; has only 2 drawers in the kitchen area. I would like to see more drawer space in this area. There's a ton of storage overall in the trailer--predominately in the bathroom---but minimal in the kitchen. Love the layout overall, otherwise.

'Lil Guy'
12-18-2015, 03:42 AM
I never paid that much attention but I bet DW did when we owned our NT21FBS. Perfect for State parks and short trips. We did just about all of our cooking outside. If I remember there is quite a bit of cabinet space available which you could add your own touch to. All kinds of pull out racks and such you could add to the cabinets. I'm sure you'll come up with some solutions to make it more comfortable and just maybe HL is listening and will add more drawer space in the future. Enjoy that TT, we enjoyed ours..

01-02-2016, 09:35 PM
We actually love our little trailer. And I'm sure the lack of drawer space does not bother my husband at all! While I don't like having my cooking utensils "out", I did end up putting them in a utensil holder in the corner next to the stove (secured it with a command hook), thus increasing the amount of space in one drawer. The silverware drawer was not a real issue, so the only thing I added in that (besides the utensil tray), was a small basket that I secured with command strip hook to hold in place. Since we prefer to cook outside, there was the storage issue of things like plastic eating items, etc. The idea of storing them in the bathroom was not overly appealing to me. But since we don't usually take showers in there, and that is where most of the closet space is, I did relent and put those kinds of things in one of the drawers in there. I like putting all the kitchen/eating items in the kitchen/dining area---filled those up! But the crock pot ended up in one of the cabinets in the bathroom, along with paper plates, etc. Still plenty of storage place in there for other things. But maybe HL will add another drawer or two in the kitchen area---one can only hope. As I said, we love it--from the minute we stepped inside it, and so far there have been no problems. Thanks for your input on the subject.