View Full Version : Audio Systems in Cyclone 4250

03-12-2016, 10:48 PM
I need advise from an "RVing Audiofile" who did not like the existing sound system. I have one 38 in tv in master bedroom, 58" in den/kitchen area, 38" in garage, and 38" outside on side porch. The den sound system is the main one of concern. I want a decent sound system that incorporates AM/Fm as well as all the other features...surround, bluetooth, netflix, screen mirroring, etc....The sound system that came with the RV is a blue ray player with speaker hookups. I would love to put a home surround system in place of this other system. The garage has a low end car stereo with a dvd player that plays 720i movies on the garage tv as well as the tv on side porch. Picture quality is no good and the two sets of speakers are installed on front and read connections of this car stereo so there is no control outside for the speakers or DVD and very inconvenient. I need advice how to fix my priority, in the den, but also fix/replace the system in garage/outside tvs. Thank you in advance.

03-13-2016, 12:28 PM
I agree with you. The sound system in this rig is horrible but can be easily replaced. The good news is the wires are run from the bluray player to the speaker locations beside the long sofa for you already so that at least can be reused. You also have a concealed speaker above the TV but wiring to that point isn't difficult because of the big chase behind the TV (access via a removable panel inside the cabinet to the right of the TV). I plan on replacing this junk at sometime over the next year too. I can't decide if I want to install something wired or something a little less traditional like a wireless Sonos system (Costco is currently selling what looks like a decent competitor).

My bigger frustration is the TV in the garage and outdoor patio which are high def but just has standard coax run to them. They could have at least run HDMI to the main TV so you could put in a switch/splitter and use the TV's in the way they are intended and use it with a satellite dish. I tried a fairly expensive wireless HDMI transmitter/receiver but that proved useless so I'll probably end up under the rig running HDMI to at least the patio. It looks like it may be somewhat accessible. Not sure you can do anything with the TV in the garage given its location and ability to get to it. If you solve that, I'd love to hear it.