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07-02-2019, 07:24 PM
The New 2020 Fords will be here soon. orders can start in mid August and manufacturing should start in November 4th is what I'm told.

So with that info, I will have my 2017 F350 Platinum DRW, for sale sometime in November / December I think. I will leave all the bells and whistles on it for a little extra over KBB.
It has all the extras on it, plus more.

) Electric Tonnaeu cover,

) Large Tool box under the Tonnaeu cover. I can take it or leave it. I'll need one for the new truck.

) Compressor #1 - Air lift air bags with compressor

) Compressor #2 - Viair 200psi air system with tank, with a 150psi regulator in it. all installed on a plastic plank, under the Tonnaeu cover in front of the tool box. It has one quick coupler in the bed and one behind the fuel filler door. Very convenient !!

Upfitter switches all wired to control things like.
#1) keyed power to console plugs, Wilson phone booster, Phone charger, 2-way radio in console. (2-way Radio not staying with truck).
#2) Both Air compressors
#3) Furrion camera dash screen. (Not staying in truck)
#4) Trailer backup lights. I have it wired with a relay to kill the backup lights on the truck when this #4 switch is on to not cause glare on the front of the trailer when your backing up. It also powers the center pin on the 7-way cord for the backup lights on the trailer.
(#5 & #6 are hot all the time)
#5) Power to the electric Tonnaeu cover. You can kill power to it if you want. I have a hidden switch in the tailgate and this would be a safety feature if in a bad area.
#6) Everything on #1 but I can power them all with ignition off

I'm sure their is more I'm forgetting but we can discus that later.

Please contact me by PM and get my phone number. Then call or Text me


07-02-2019, 07:38 PM
Jerrod, this for sale thread is closed per forum rules.
Please let us know when it's sold.