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03-05-2006, 10:12 AM
After months of research and looking, I now have a Bighorn 2925RK on order due to be delivered March 24th. :D Started out with plans to move up from a 27' travel trailer to a "used" fiver but after seeing the Bighorn at the Tampa RV Supershow I started investigating ordering a unit from the factory built with the options I felt were important, which weren't many considering all the standard equipment that comes with the Heartland products. The 2925RK satisfied all my requirements, the main one being headroom in the bedroom and slide-out areas.

Biggest disappointment has been getting questions answered from my dealer since ordering the fiver.... and the salesman also places the blame on "not being able to pin the factory down" in response to delivery schedule or answers to question like "what cabinets will be lost if I upgrade to the 10 cu. ft. refrigerator from the standard 8 cu. ft." Still haven't gotten an answer to that one. Dealer says the floorplan is a new one and seems like no one in the factory has been able to provide the information. Their rep is still trying to get an answer..... wonder if I'll get the fiver first or the answer?

When the order was place, I was told the delivery would be the middle of March since the dealer had a "soft order" to Heartland for a 2925RK and I was in time to specify the factory options for that fiver. Now the story is that since I ordered the Dual Window Panes, it's a custom build and will take from two to three weeks additional time to build.:(

This forum has be a wealth of information with many comments being provided by Landmark owners, and potential/new 3055RL owners. I've yet to see anyone comment on the 2925RK model. Any forum members currently owners of this model? Any comments/concerns (good and bad) specific to your units?


P.S. And I'll also thank Scott for his involvement and attempts to provide information/answers to members of the forum. I'm sure his "full-time" job doesn't allow a lot of time to respond but I think he's doing a great job even if he hasn't "chimed" in some comments/question I'd expect the factory to jump all over. Keep up the good work and thanks.....

03-25-2006, 10:58 PM
Received an email from our dealer and our BH 3055 should be in the end of April. But he also said that it was too early to know for sure. Besides it will probably take us that long to clear out all the stuff (junk) in our present RV. What a way to celebrate our wedding anniversary on May 8th than to be brand new owners of a 3055BH.



03-26-2006, 07:49 AM
Congratulations on your new Bighorn, and yes, it will be a wonderful way to celebrate your wedding anniversary. Also, Sue and I want to wish you a Happy Anniversary.


03-26-2006, 11:51 AM
How did u get the e-mail. U call? We ordered the 3055 3 weeks ago and also have been promised the coach by end of April...Sure hope so..Got the big trip planned for June.....Looking forward to its arrival...

03-26-2006, 08:53 PM
Our dealer said that he didn't know for sure about the delivery date - but he thought it would be the end of April. I think he was making a rough estimate from prior experience. Will let everyone know our delivery date when we find out. We placed the order on March 8th.