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    furnace turning on and off, and no heat.... was working fine...

    One possibility for the furnace just blowing cold air is that the Sail Switch has failed. This switch, attached to the furnace itself, detects if the fan is blowing air. If it thinks it is not, it will not allow the burners to ignite. The part is inexpensive, and assuming that there is available...
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    Suburban water heater sw6del

    When mine would work on gas but not electric I had to replace the electric element itself.
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    Leak in Kitchen Gray Tank

    I had to replace my tank. Nothing I tried stopped the leak even though the crack was less than 2 inches. I was surprised at how difficult it was for the repair shop to make the connections to the new tank. If it is an Alpha tank, it is polyethylene. I contacted the company for specs, etc...
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    2013 Big Horn 3260 slide roller issue

    The thread that Bill included is very helpful. It has the Heartland part number and i was able to use the shims mentioned and did not have to jack up the slide. I have replaced two of these, in both cases it was the metal bracket that failed.
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    Grey water leak on top of grey tank?

    The gray tank (at least on our Bighorn) has two holes on the top. One hole is for the drain into and one for the vent to the roof. There is a rubber grommet that is placed in the hole to hold the pipes. To my knowledge they are not glued but just pushed into the grommet. You would be surprised...
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    Kitchen sink mounting

    Sorry I have been away from the computer for a few days. I agree with the others, that I would not glue the metal brackets to the wood. I used the "bent corners" where there was wood. I used gorilla epoxy glue to place the metal brackets against the corners where there is no wood but the...
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    Kitchen sink mounting

    I had the same problem. Everything found in hardware stores for sinks do not fit but I did get some small mending angles and just bent them much like the ones used when built. The silver ones are mine and the black ones were installed at build. The wood they are attached to is very soft. To my...
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    Removing screen from side window on slide

    Slide the window up. Next slide the screen up the track a little so you can grab it better. Notice in the photo there is a "spring" on the left side of the screen. You want to push the screen toward the spring side and then pull out the screen from the track from the right side.
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    Window Latch Repair for Sliding Windows

    Your welcome. Glad you were able to fix it. I like the string idea on compressing the spring. I bought a second latch as a spare and hope I don't have to use it :)
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    MCD Shades up or down for travling

    Up. The rear large window shade on our rig especially. The movement causes additional stress on the shades and they can come crashing down. Ask me how I know.
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    Window Latch Repair for Sliding Windows

    I searched for information on how to repair the broken plastic window latch on the vertical sliding windows on my Bighorn. These are located on the slides so that they don’t extend outward and possibly break when the slides are retracted. The plastic pin that inserts into the plastic window...
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    Wintering in AZ

    Because of the desert environment, the morning lows and afternoon highs can very greatly. It can be in the 30s in the morning and then hit 80 in the afternoon. We find that we always need layers to be comfortable.
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    2016 Bighorn sliding window thumb latch

    Thanks I will check it out.
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    leak at gray water tank

    I can't be much help as I had to pay someone to fix my problem. I was able to confirm that the clamp and butyl is what is used to join the pipe to the tank. I was personally able to see how much the tank flexes especially when full and it causes some movement in the connection. The tanks on my...
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    2016 Bighorn sliding window thumb latch

    Was anyone able to determine how to replace these broken window latches? I realize this is an older post. The latches are plastic so I am sure others have had them fail. The part appears to be RM08407 but I haven't been able to completely confirm this. I have not been able to find any...