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    What did you do to your camper today?

    Do you know how much weight all the equipment added to your rig?
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    M260 lighting panel mod

    That looks much better.
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    New Faucet for bathroom, SharkBite connections, and outdoor water hose connection.

    Nice work! I am currently redoing our vanity top and faucet. I will also Post pics when done.
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    Glow Step Revolution Steps

    I have had my steps installed for 2 seasons now and they will loosen up after some use. And after 2 seasons I still am so happy with these steps.
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    Will Lippert Solid Steps fit Bighorn 3570rs

    We installed the Tork lift revolution steps due to this issue and they work great. Also don't have to worry about debris on the other steps falling into the rig when putting the steps away.
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    Mallard M26BH Air Conditioning (generator??)

    I just ordered the soft starts for my 2 air conditioners today. I have a 7500 watt generator and probably don't need them but after installing them it won't be an issue.
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    Pulled the trigger! 2018 Cyclone 4005

    Congratulations! I have learned so much from this group of people. There is a lot of knowledge on this forum.
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    Rear Storage Comartment

    Really sweet solution.
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    Adjusting the Height of Rear and Side landing gear

    Those blocks look nice and not too tall. Got any more pics?
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    chronic waste tank odors in living space, bighorn...

    You mentioned removing the vacuum breaker in the galley. Did you happen to check the condition of the one in the vanity/sink?
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    Black tanks won’t dump

    I see you are from Canada, you say it doesn't work today, is it possible it is frozen shut? Did it work prior to today?
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    2020 RV Lock Black Friday Sale - early window for Heartlanders!

    Thanks for the heads up Jim. I am planning on getting the lock for my entry door and the slam latches also. You can't beat 40% off!
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    Time to change out original tires

    I put a set of sailuns on mine last fall. I am very pleased with them.
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    Prospective Purchase

    My sister in law has a 2018, I forget the model it's the one with 2 rv refrigerators and it has been issue free for 2+ years.