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    Hello from Lafayette, CO

    Howdy Chad and Alisa, from Texas! Well actually Creede CO for the summer.
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    Hi everyone

    Howdy from Texas!
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    2017 Road Warrior 427 Master King Bed Comforter

    Recommend you call Heartland Customer Service 877 262-8032. Have your VIN when you call.
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    Horses in the garage toy hauler

    I don't think I would ever carry anything alive that I cared anything about in an RV.
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    Just joined

    Welcome from Texas. Well, Colorado right now, but Texas is home!
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    Will Lippert Solid Steps fit Bighorn 3570rs

    The cost is most likely the reason they were not offered originally. Many of us converted over to the Glowstep Revolution steps and love them. I believe that it would be a deal-breaker for me to buy a new rig with these steps as the only choice.
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    Jim’s RV, Santa Clara Utah

    We love our Glowstep stairs.
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    What service are you using for streaming YouTube & Netflix

    We use our Verizon Jetpack unlimited and run 60-80GB per month.
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    I Need replacement aluminum skin. Know a source?

    You can buy the material from Heartland but beware of the shipping cost. They would have to build a box around the material and then ship it.
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    Lithium 2414

    The "op" refers to the original poster.
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    Dish Network Rooftop Dish

    With a new cost of over $1,000, I would think it would have value. I would offer it for sale here, Craig's List or local newspaper. Shipping will be atrocious if you sell it online.
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    Heartland edge m-18.

    Be advised that water travels a lot so you will have to check all over. Sorry I'm not familiar with the Edge unit but another owner should respond.
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    New Forum Platform - Xenforo, Report your bugs and feedback here

    I noticed this morning that when I replied to post, it shows up on my "new posts" list.
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    Wrong under rated axles

    I would be proactive about this and call Heartland yourself (have your VIN handy) to checkup on the information you get from Camping World. CW is notorious for not following up or flat-out lying to customers about service problems.
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    Welcome New Member - Texas South chapter

    Please help me welcome some more new members of the south Texas chapter David Riggan Joshua and Hannah Hamilton Dennis Crowson Brian and Laramee Tracy Michael McGown Danny Andrews Melvin and Rose Chesnutt We hope to meet all of them at a rally soon.