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    Pulled the trigger on a north trail 33 BKSS.

    Hello everyone, I post a couple times on here with questions on the camper we were looking at. We decided to purchase the trailer after the owners fixed the main slide cables and motor, put in a new water heater and fixed all frozen faucets. They didn't winterize it appropriately last year...
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    Considering a north trail 33bkss

    We are in the process of working out a deal on a 2015 in really good condition other than a couple of issues the owners are covering the repairs on with a professional. Do any of you with this model have any concerns or thoughts on them or the north trail campers in general?
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    Advice on purchasing used travel trailer.

    Awesome advise, thank you. I'll check the fridge for sure and when I say way out of level I would say probably 3-4" maybe a little more. I've already priced tires and plan on replacing them if I pull the trigger on it. I'm getting ready to go through the check list provided for other items to...
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    Advice on purchasing used travel trailer.

    I appreciate that and I was going to ask him to take a look at it. The only place it is doing it is on the large slide under the window so I assumed water got in through a screw or something. I checked the corners and didn't see anything indicating water damage on the inside or out.
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    Advice on purchasing used travel trailer.

    I want to thank everyone for the response to my question. After looking at the camper we couldn't get the slide in and the hot water heater was leaking. After asking a few questions, come to find out they didn't winterize it and just drained everything last winter. We ended up calling a...
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    Advice on purchasing used travel trailer.

    Hello everyone, First, I want to say hello and this seems like an absolute awesome forum with gobs of info and I can't wait to dive in. I am getting ready to go look at, for a second time, a 2015 north trail 33bkss. The camper seems to be in really good shape and has been sitting on a lake...