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    Is this normal?

    this is our kitchen, we have 4 drawers next to the stove and we removed the dinning room table and chairs and replaced them with the cabinet. We also do not have an outside kitchen for the reason you mentioned, it wouldn't be used. Inside we have a plethora of space and places to put stuff...
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    Is this normal?

    So far these are the issues we have encountered and fixed. First 4 pictures: The wire mess is from the front compartment. The floor vent was not blowing so I removed the wood and found the duct off, simple fix, however I couldn't let it remain this disorganized. Zip ties and clamps to route...
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    This is ours. 2021 Milestone 379FLML pulled by a 2019 Chevy Silverado High County dually. Bought it and the truck in February 2021 and been full time since. We have traveled from Texas to Alabama, Tennessee Arkansas and Oklahoma, headed to Arizona next and then to Idaho then back to Texas...