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    EVENT: North American Heartland Rally: IN, Goshen - 6/12/2023 to 6/18/2023

    I live in Ft. Wayne, If you're going to use this route coming in on 30 West, take the I-469 North exit. Then 469 to I-69 South, then 33 to Goshen. It's shortest and easiest... maybe that's what David meant, but maybe a bit more clear.
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    where can i find the square footage of my 2006 Bighorn 3055RL with the slides out

    We used to own a 2012, I believe it was 345 sq ft. Slides out.
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    Insurance cost what do you pay.

    Correct... also limits of liability & medical.
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    Offensive smell coming from Rear kitchen area when running bathroom exhaust fan

    I read many posts about the studor valve. In our case, it was the gap where the holding tank vent pipes exit the roof. I removed the vent pipe cover then sealed that gap. No more odor. Apparently when the exhaust fan ran, it would pull odor from the gap in the ceiling.
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    Serious build quality issues

    I think you're correct about used being better than new. Our 2012 Bighorn was in fact much better when we sold it in 2017, than it was when new... tires, suspension, finish, furniture, water system.... that buyer got a heluvu great deal! I believe the trick buying used is, was the unit...
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    Where to find an electric switch

    You'll get one at WW Grainger for sure; likely a better quality.
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    Towing Question

    You should heed the limits shown on your door post label. Safety is top priority for you and your family.
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    RV Insurance

    P.S.... FYI ...... insurance rates vary by State & where you live. Also, rates depend on coverage amounts selected. If you are a full time live aboard/traveller, you need to designate that fact as it will impact any claim made as well as your rate.
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    Wheel bearing lubrication

    More FYI..... (copied from lube engineering) Grease can be thought of in terms of paint in that there are a variety of formulations that are used in various applications. You could apply latex paint to the hull of your boat and it would look very nice, however, it would not last very long once...
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    Wheel bearing lubrication

    Nothing wrong with it... its most likely still Lithium based grease with molybdenum additive (moly), which is a solid material. Molybdenum by itself would look like black talcum powder, so it needs a carrier/base; i.e. most commonly lithium.
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    Wheel bearing lubrication

    My entire 49 year career, smong other things, incuded training factory maintenance people about lubricants and proper lubrication practices; For bearings.... the biggest feedback I got, repeatedly, was that too many maintenance people seemed to refuse actual, proper bearing maintenance...
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    Never again. Heartland slide out problem

    I think all brands have some slide problems. I have friends who own a Grand Design Momentum that has had ongoing slide problems since new. He is full time and has been back to Elkhart three years in a row. He's there now in their shop under warranty for last two weeks hopeing they fix it...
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    Tv size?

    I would think any size you want that will fit...