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    Tredit Wheel

    Just to update; HiSpec wheel sent a new wheel at no cost to us. This did surprise me a little as the wheels were purchased in 2012. However not complaining at all, glad we still have some companies that stand behind their products.
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    Tredit Wheel

    After doing some more research, found out it's not a Tredit wheel, it's a HISPEC which also has a warranty. In the process of seeing what happens.
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    Tredit Wheel

    Thanks, those are my goto places when in Shipshewana.
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    Tredit Wheel

    Well it happened, wheel cracked, can't complain it's a 2013. I have talked with Tredit and they are looking at it. My problem is matching a 10 year old wheel. I'm attaching a picture of it, maybe someone might know where I can get one, it's a 17.5. Thanks, Niles
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    2008 Heartland 3670RL Bighorn.

    We are going into a little different direction. The BH is in good shape for it's age. It spends about 6months a year in the tool shed. The other we do use it. The refrigerator was just redone in Shipshewana, IN and has a 3 year warranty with it. In 2010 we installed Bigfoot leveling system...
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    ceiling fan and the slide that broke the paddle

    Our fan in the Bighorn caught the blades too, we replaced the whole thing with one from Menards. I really do think as they age the blades just start to drop, ours is doing it again so we have to be careful when pulling slides in. It's not a big deal to replace, just make sure you get one that...
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    2021 - Goshen Rally - Cancelled

    Sad, but sure is understandable, Jim you and your crew put so much into these events. I'm sure you're disappointed more than anyone. With any luck this covid will get under control and life will go on. I refuse to think we can't beat this, and it takes tough decisions to go forward so it can get...
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    Dometric NDR 1062

    Well it died, guess they don't even make this one anymore. A trip to Shipshewana is in our future for sure. I've always dealt with Leon at National RV refrigeration, however someone said he sold out to a new owner, anyone know anything about that. I've also heard about JC-Refrigeration and a...
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    King pin to gooseneck

    I'm impressed, it will be interesting how well it works. Definitely a beefed up hitch. Let us know what you think, when it warms up. Just wondering if that hitch voids the warranty though.
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    New member post

    I heard they made their first batch in the 40's and are about to run out so they are going to do a second batch soon.
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    Quick fix (probably)

    Sometimes the wire connections are loose from our smooth road systems. Just a little wiggle will give you a works some, sometimes it don't. Good luck in finding the issue.
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    Hi from Quartzsite 2020.

    Not trying to steal tread, John where is the store you work at. We're in the foothills.
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    Centramatic wheel balancers - anyone use them ..?

    I always had them on my semi's. I felt like they were well worth the money and did what they were suppose to do.
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    Waste gate

    Didn't cut any pipes,getting the valve out is a bear. forced the connection back into the tank and will still need a little more room to get the new valve seated. Hoping I can use a racket strap and pull it open a little more without hearing that dreaded snap. FUN FUN
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    Waste gate

    Just a update, JohnDar you're spot on. Was able to manually get it to dump, now to replace it. Looks like I have to saw it out and get pvc pipe to fix it back, I won't wish this job on anyone. I understand $100 rates at the shop. I'm about $400 into and too cheap to pay myself.