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    Rotted Floor in Slide Out

    Have just had the same issue with the drip line trim on the larger slide out though it was mostly due to wind and not being level during some storms. I was able to patch the trim line with Eternabond tape then found some rubber mat material for free when a full size trampoline collapsed to patch...
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    Has anyone had their HL tip over in the wind!!!????

    I plan on replacing the carpet and padding to a similar one when I remodeled the house. It stopped the sock slip on steps and did try step non-skids but they didn't stick/stay down to the existing carpet in my rig, just left sticky residue that wasn't fun to remove. One corner had curled...
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    Rottening slideout floor 2018 cyclone

    Screen shot - done. Having issues with 2 corners on the largest slide, was trying to figure what would fit when it slid in. Kinda interesting I didn't know this before buying, when "tip out's" first came along they were named appropriately because you could watch them 'tip out' while cruising...
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    No turning back!

    Wow, that is an ambitious project! Looks like you will get it done in a few days. You can also check the floor for any water damage very easily but it looks good. Progress and after pictures are a must on this since it seems there is a lot of struggles with the bathroom for many owners...
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    Has anyone had their HL tip over in the wind!!!????

    Good info on filling the tanks, hadn't thought of that so thanks for those who posted that idea. When I find property I'd planned on putting tie down straps to a cement poured pad, lived in a mobile home for 2 years in NC where anything that could have been towed was strapped down. Might seem...
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    Has anyone had their HL tip over in the wind!!!????

    Thanks for the support! Hopefully this won't last long.
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    Has anyone had their HL tip over in the wind!!!????

    Truck is in the shop (of course!) until Monday or Wednesday, a friend might be able to get his truck out here and hook up. Winds are coming from two different directions which is rare and like a boat I'd turn into the strongest wind gusts. Already lowered it as far as I could...still shaking...
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    Tank vent covers

    Took me awhile to figure this issue out since I leave the standard fan vent open except during winter...and the vent stack is 6" away. Until I get into the list of "gotta fix or change that", I turn the vent fan on for a little bit. I might move to a modified composting toilet eliminating a lot...
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    Hydraulic Rack/Pinion Slide Maintenance

    In the manual, it does mention using a motor oil lubricant but that seemed a little odd to me. This looks like the ticket! Thanks for posting it, found it on search.
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    Has anyone had their HL tip over in the wind!!!????

    Today the weather took an ugly turn and I'm getting 40-60mph gusts. It ripped off the AC shroud so far and I'm really rocking back and forth. Definitely concerned about being blown over, anything I can do to not have that happen? This is scary.
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    Bathroom fan motor

    Same problem with mine, bath and bedroom are cheap and noisy and don't vent well, especially since I have to have the WC open when using the shower bc that's where the only bathroom vent is (????). The vent crank handle broke off above the mesh screen in the bedroom and I don't want to replace...
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    A bit of Mouse Proofing (physical barrier)

    Did you train them to go Pro mouse eliminators or they just picked up on it? For over 10 years there were 5 cats at once, only 3 were intent on mouse catching (kind of creepy looking at your cat who is not moving and staring at a drawer). The other 2 didn't catch on though they were rescued from...
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    Bighorn 3575el as summer home, not moving anytime soon

    Great update, thanks for posting! I am curious where you found the lots in WA, there are only a few places I can think of where you can buy the lot and roof it out with a deck and shed. PM if you have a moment? Yuma is getting to be the destination place for winter, 2 friends have lots they...
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    A bit of Mouse Proofing (physical barrier)

    Is that the Crazy Cat Man starter kit? :D You're lucky to have such great fur companions, I still am not ready to adopt or foster critters which is the first time since 1982 though I still have a 'cat rescue' starter kit ready - just in case.
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    Regret Purchase

    First thing my certified plumber son told me was "full replace" if there were any cracks or damage to the tanks. He got a good look at them after delivery when I dropped the chloroplast to see how/where everything was. Now I found a crack in the rear kitchen tank just yesterday so I'll need a...