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    Power Reel Cover

    One of these should fit your opening Power Reel Door, : Power Reel Door
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    Water heater anode rod

    Make sure you relieve the pressure in the tank before removing the rod or you'll get a face full of hot water when the rod comes out.
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    Small Air Compressor recommendations for RV tires

    I have the DeWalt 20-Volt Max Inflator. It will blow tires up to 160 PSI automatically and shut off when the desired PSI is reached. Only weighs 6 lbs and comes with air hose, Ball Needle, and Valve Adaptor. Takes up very little room in my tool box...
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    Awning has shifted on Roller tube

    When I did mine, I opened the awning. I then took the pressure off the end of the awning by propping it up with a 2x4. This takes the weight off the end of the awning making it easier to slide in the roller. Then I removed a screw that was holding the awning into the front track on the RV. After...
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    Slide Out Won't Extend

    I upgraded to a 80 amp breaker and 2 AWG wire and haven't had a problem in 4 years as long as the batteries are up. Bussmann CB181F-80 High Amp Circuit Breaker, Red 3 Foot 2 AWG Battery Cable
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    New Heartland Mobile App Issues

    Ema i didn't work for support
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    New Heartland Mobile App Issues

    Ran into the same problems as explorer did
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    Fresh water pump

    Behind the water heater in the storage bay. You'll have to remove the partition
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    Big Country 3965dss Furniture peeling off

    Furniture is made out of pleather. Looks good for a couple of years and then starts peeling. Best thing to do is junk it and go buy new furniture that fits the RV. Happens to everyone
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    Water tank sensors not working

    Sensors are noted for not working properly after the tanks have been filled a few times. You be wasting your time trying to replace them. Just drain your tanks every few days depending on how much your using your rig.
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    Residential Refrigerator Door Strap

    Best thing is to tie the door handles together. Those plastic locks are junk
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    Advice on the Calgary Stampede

    I think higher is always better, so look for seats higher in the stands. I am also hearing that Glacier National Park is limiting the amount of people that will be allowed into the park because of over crowding starting this year. You might want to check into this when making your plans. Glacier...
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    Advice on the Calgary Stampede

    We went to the rodeo in 2017 and would go again. We stayed in Cochrane, AB in a really nice park called Bow River Edge Campground. The park is located 10 min from the train station that we took S.Easterly into Calgary for $5, if I remember right. Great train ride to the park, one of the train...
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    Dometic Air Conditioner runs constantly and noisy

    Your air conditioner might be set in Fan Mode, rather than heat or cool. This is why it runs all the time. Your manual will tell you how to change the settings. Not sure how loud your talking, but my Bighorn air is always loud from the inside when it is running...