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    Slide Room Toppers

    I had them on my 3760. One thing I should mention is they were the dometic brand, installed by the dealer not the factory. On the mega slide, the topper in the middle.. started to sag to point where it was in danger of dragging on the top edge of the slide after a while, so it needed the...
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    Battery minders/maintainers

    Well first off I take them out of the rig, so they arent setting in the cold all winter. But I do live in northern Indiana. CTEK is a brand I used, it does have an AGM setting. Plug it in and forget them till spring.
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    Hot water tanks

    Unless things have improved, my thoughts were that the tankless were prone to deposits and scale that would clog them, from what I have read.
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    Ball bearings on the slide rollers?

    Thanks were right. Looks like the bearings were from one of the drawer rails. I would not have ever thought to look there. Havent found which one is loosing bearings yet.
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    Ball bearings on the slide rollers?

    So today I was walking thru the fiver, and I stepped on a ball bearing rolling around on the floor? Can anyone tell me if the large slide rollers on the kitchen slides are ball bearing supported? I assumed the rollers were just supported by a large rod thru the roller only. I wasnt sure if...
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    Freezing temperatures coming!

    Basically if you dont have skirting, to protect the under side, its going to get cold enough to freeze some of your water lines, even if the heat is left on. And your going to go thru propane like air. If you read thru the threads on here, you can survive in an RV in the cold, but regardless...
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    Pink fluid draining from both Dometic AC’s??

    The cooling system on the current crop of AC units is supposed to be totally sealed. Plus you said both AC's are emitting this fluid? I would think its odd that both units would start to leak, but if its actually coming from the AC's it might be refrigerant oil? Or you have some type if...
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    Brake problems And service work

    In the past I have always had heartland just send the parts to me, and I performed the repair. Obviously this only works if, you are handy and are willing to do the work. Regardless of the dealer, there has always been a lot of communication dis-connect with repairs from what I have read thru...
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    Front Landing Gear Stopped Working

    Mine never fully quit, but would run a little then just stop, intermittantly. Ended up like so many others on here, replacing the small breakers with a direct wired 80 amp just for the hydraulic pump. Top right in the attached photo, is the little breakers your looking for, covered with red...
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    Battery Not Charging On Shore Power

    Not sure from your listing whether your torque is a TT, or a fifth wheel version. On a fifth wheel they are in the front compartment right above the batteries. On the right side of photo ...see the red rubber capped mini breakers. Just get your DVM , and you should easily be able to trace...
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    We have always ditched the king beds, for a queen sized set up. Gives us over a foot more room, to get around the bed to help make it. Cut down the ply base and add mattress of your choice. We recently did one of those mattress's in a box with a 3" foam topper. There are just so many things to...
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    Lock Tight the nuts

    I have had three new fifth wheels. So far all of them have had the little foam nut retainer pieces fall off the slide cables. Those are supposed to keep the nuts on the cable adjustment pieces from backing off. I guess I have seen the foam blocks as a orderable service part item from...
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    F-287 Plumbing Drain

    As for your dripping, it could also be that if the rig was towed in the rain. Often the water slung off the tires will get into the coroplast under belly covering, and pool in a low spot. Our last three new RV's had this issue.
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    Something is not right in the toilet drain

    If it is that darco water proofing material material, cant you just use a razor knife and trim it out of the opening? And there have been a lot of threads on here in the past, about the inlet pipe being too close to the bottom of the tanks, to allow solids to easily pass.
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    Fresh Water Tank Fell

    So the tank hangs from molded edges that run the length of the tank, but there should have been some sheet metal bands to support the middle of the tanks when expanded (full). I dont see those in your photo. I guess some people have gone as far as running some additional angle iron pieces under...