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    Replace Waste Tank Valves 2017 Bighorn 3575EL

    That is correct, something else I have been wanting to do.
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    Replace Waste Tank Valves 2017 Bighorn 3575EL

    Looks good! The valve in the picture appears to be outside the frame. Looks like a good setup. Can you post a picture of the water filter setup?
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    Replace Waste Tank Valves 2017 Bighorn 3575EL

    I am looking it to replacing all three tanks valves with Barker electric operated valves. I'm also installing See Level II tank monitors while I have the bottom open. I know the black tank has a 3 inch gate valve but need to know if the 2 grey tanks both or one have a 1.5 inch or 3 inch valve.
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    Sailun tires

    I bought 4 Sailun's through Walmart in September, received in 3 days. There price was much less than any other internet site. They shipped them to my home and I took them to Walmart for installation and balance for a very reasonable price.
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    2017 Bighorn 3575EL TV Mount

    Has anyone changed to this type of TV swing out mount?
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    Outside Shower Installation

    Thanks, it worked out great. The grandkids loved it.
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    Spray Port Installation

    2017 Bighorn 3575EL I replaced the shower fixture in the wet bay with a spray port fixture. (I show the shower box installation on another thread) I also installed a Spray-A-Way spray port on the right side of the camper. The Spray-A-Way came with a fifteen foot coiled hose and nozzle that are...
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    Outside Shower Installation

    2017 Bighorn 3575EL When we camp with the grandkids at the lake with only water and electric hook-up, I thought an outside shower would be an asset. They can fill up a grey tank real fast! Our Bighorn has an outside shower fixture in the wet bay which is useless for taking a shower. I removed...
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    Three Suspension Upgrades

    I also have the CRE 3000 and a Hensley TS3 Air Hitch and MorRyde orbital Pin Box.