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    Has anyone repaired or replaced a slideout ram cylinder?

    I replaced mine years ago. It is helpful to have assistance. Also, make sure to measure where your adjustment nuts are before you take it apart.
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    Quality of workmanship by Heartland

    We have a 2017 and have had our share of issues. We count our blessings though compared to the problems many are having with new ones these days. Those same issues make us dread needing to replace our current rig. We have put about 8k a year on it for the last 6. Not sure how much longer it will...
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    Heartland Owner's Club to Continue in 2022 and Beyond

    If you understood the value, you wouldn't be making any changes.
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    Heartland Owner's Club to Continue in 2022 and Beyond

    Once again, as proven time and time again, once the suits get a hold of something (logo change), it gets ruined. It is obvious that the folks making this decision have zero idea of what they are doing. Make it better for the club? Making things more difficult on the chapter leaders doesn't make...
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    Retiring from Chapter Leadership

    This is disappointing to hear! All of our best to you both!
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    Why aren’t North Trails more popular???

    We see NT's almost every week. We see many more Mallards though and probably due to price point? We used to own a NT and you are right, it is a good rig to have. It is amazing how many HL owners have zero clue of the owners forum. Maybe that is the difference in the lower number of posts about them.
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    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: IA, Amana - 9/30/2021 to 10/3/2021

    We have reservations, arriving the weekend prior.
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    Sailun Truck Tires????

    A friend of mine in N CO put those on his fleet of electrician trucks. Some of their miles are dirt and gravel roads and most of their rigs are 1 ton or heavier. None of those tires lasted a year. I am not sure how long they would last just doing highway miles. He went back to Michelin's.
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    Last we checked we were right at 13000 on the 2 7k axles. Total weight is 16500. We have lots of outside storage in the rear but have very little weight there. Heartland has been unable to tell us how much weight the rear storage can safely handle. While the living room to the front rides...
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    Thank you for the reply. I had the thought of doing this since we have so much riding behind the axles, but didn't think it was a wise decision. We have done about 14K miles every year for the last 4. It just seems like all that bouncing has wore out what we have.
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    Are you recommending I get 8k springs instead of the 7k?
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    I have 7K axles and the springs are flattened out. Is there a better option than Dexter replacements out there?
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    Campgrounds for ocean/intercoastal kayaking

    This place is just what the dr ordered.
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    Sailun Tire Blowout

    The last two sets I purchased were from Big O. I just had a set put on two months ago, they had 2020 dates, and only 4. Sales guy said they are hard to find this year.
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    SOLVED: Electrical issues

    Re: Electrical issues Well I got my issue resolved finally. Thank you to those that responded. Between all of you and HL support telling where the circuit went, it is fixed. The circuit in question goes down the door side, to the slide junction box, and then all the way to the rear, where it...