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    Great Article on Microwave Ovens - Most All are made in the same factory

    Just an added suggestion to this thread that you need if you replace the microwave DESIGNED to be used in a cabinet enclosure with a tabletop microwave oven. The tabletop ovens need adequate ventilation to help cool the magnetron and the power transformer. The original Apollo oven that I...
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    What did you do to your camper today?

    There are RV departure and arrival checklists on the internet and phone app stores that you can customize and use every time you depart/arrive. Most of these lists start out generic, but you can remove and add items to make it for your rig.
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    I didn't see that. Maybe a typed form is too easy to forge?
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    Kitchen Table Wall Hook Mounts

    I have used these with the handrail going up the interior steps. I believe that the larger anchor screw diameter gives a better "bite" into the thin wood paneling for more pounds of support.
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    Great Article on Microwave Ovens - Most All are made in the same factory

    If you do not feel comfortable doing ANY of the work to remove the oven from the cabinetry for servicing, I would suggest finding a local Mobile RV Repairer (try web searching, or looking in to remove the microwave from the cabinet. The RV repairer may know of a microwave...
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    Great Article on Microwave Ovens - Most All are made in the same factory

    Gang: I just went through an emergency replacement of my built in microwave oven in my 08 Bighorn I fulltime in. I have been through about 3 of the original Apollos early in my ownership, Then Got a Sharp (premium brand I thought) Model R309YK about 5 years ago. It had the right external...
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    Power Cord Reel Motor Died

    If you can get to where you can inspect the motor, you MAY find markings on it from the original MOTOR manufacturer, and from those numbers find a source for the motor on the internet. (i.e. Klauber). You may also find a Mfr/model/serial tag from the original reel manufacturer, and get some more...
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    Black Tank Valve - Bighorn 3670RL

    It looks like you could install a master shut off valve on your sewer line where the cap is laying. This is in very common use as the plumbed in valves have minor problems.
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    Using a lot of gas... is this normal?

    Electric blankets can make things a LOT more cozy at night.
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    Hurricane Repair ...but wait there's more!!

    You might want to consult with a RV Collision Repair type company in your area. In their major collision repair jobs they frequently have to fix interior issues.
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    Power Cord Reel Motor Died

    Heartland Customer Service 877-262-8032 / 574-262-8030 eMail Heartland Service Have your VIN at the ready.
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    Just got this announcement on . Good for Gold Star, Active Duty, and Veterans. NOW FREE!! Old card also had 50% discount on campground fees at National Parks, National Forests, Corps of Engineers campgrounds - Check to see if this is still current. Admission for Yosemite alone is...
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    Screen Door Latch Sliding Cover Replacement

    Have you tried calling Dexter?
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    AC causes water to pool near base of fridge

    AC condensation leaks are common. First line of defense is to snug up the 4 inside the ceiling AC mounting bolts which tighten the watertight gasket seal between the rooftop unit, the roof surface, and the inside AC mounting plate. This seal tightness can loosen with time, road vibrations, and...