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    SSA Direct Deposit Scam Change on My Account Today

    Nothing bogus or phising about this original email from SSA notifying me that my email access to SSA had been ended "at my request". SSA rep I talked to after a 1 hour on hold on the telephone said that most likely someone had been able to use my email address (they probably had the password for...
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    The Trip!

    California has had a 55 mph speed limit for towed vehicles since the 1950's, and I have towed at that maximum speed along the Pacific Coast and back to Elkhart. I had 1 blown tire due to axle drum cracking and failing, tire rubbing on the frame. Once I had a guy with a 5th wheel pass me on I-80...
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    Inverter GFI tripping, shutting down fridg. while on shorepower. 2016 Landmark Charleston

    Other Heartlanders have switched the GFI outlet on the inverter for a standard outlet after repeated problems that could not be fixed.
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    SSA Direct Deposit Scam Change on My Account Today

    Gang: I am so concerned and worried about this event for me today, I thought I would put out a warning to all the Heartlander SSA recipients out there. I have an e-mail in my inbox from SSA.GOV-NO REPLY that looks very genuine, and requires no clicks. It said that my access to the...
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    new unit - bad battery, now 120 AC issues

    For the recurring battery problems, I suggest you check out pages 9 and 10 of this document from our library.
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    Water Hose Freeze Prevention

    I am thinking most of the hours of each day should be above freezing. Hopefully you can use your hose connection at those times. You might disconnect your hose from your rig when freezing is expected and try to keep it running at the slowest stream to try to prevent freezing during the coldest...
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    Should I remove AC for roof cover

    Mine was done by RV professionals without removing the AC unit. I think with all the painting stuff going on, you don't need another complication of removing the heavy AC top unit at the same time. Do the AC gasket some other time.
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    Fridge power shutoff?

    I would think that the inverter would have its own on-off switch. Whether that is accessible is another question.
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    Milestone 386bh vacuum breaker

    Here is a link to the manual on the black tank flusher. Since you seem to have 2 atmospheric breaker valves, do you have 2 black tanks on your rig??? BTW, the way the black tank flusher works is...
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    Heartland RV Customer Service

    My advice to any Heartland owner who HASN'T addressed this black tank flusher atmospheric check valve KNOWN problem due to improper factory installation is either: 1)FIX IT NOW before your rig is flooded and damaged : or DO NOT USE THE BLACK TANK FLUSHER. RV's were made for many years before...
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    Heartland RV Customer Service

    Mortalis: The anti siphon valve breaking and flooding the trailer has been a known problem for a LONG time. I believe it is due to the plastic valve not being able to tolerate high water pressures (I am sure that is why mine broke). The instruction sheet from B&B molders has warnings to the...
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    how to search for LP gas leak

    My leak WAS a pressurized line leak (Cracked right angle fitting another RV servicer found after 90 minutes of troubleshooting) which we could smell most of the time, BUT THE PROPANE ALARM NEVER SOUNDED. The Alarm sounded when am unlit butane lighter was used right at the detector to test it. I...
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    Awning Coming Loose already

    You need to get your brand and model of awning and contact the Manufacturer and Heartland. Have your VIN available for Heartland service, they will have a build sheet on file for your VIN with listings of your vendor manufactured equipment. Awning vendor will want to see your photos along with...
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    2011 Cyclone Fifth Wheel - No Power to front ac, kitchen outlets, and bathroom has listings of RV technicians nationwide, including mobile technicians.
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    Front Cargo Door Wanted

    You might take a picture and supply some measurements, since many of these cargo doors are used on more than 1 model trailer. This will help you with the RV salvage guys, too.