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    2018 Bighorn FB3780 electric schematics

    If Heartland has these they don't give them out, citing "Proprietary Intellectual Property". Everybody else who has needed these has had to just trace the wiring out, maybe using electronic wire tracers as a helping tool. Sorry!!!
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    Black tank fell off the unit

    I remembered a recent posting that involved a black tank dropping, used the New and Improved forum advanced search function, and came up with the following thread. Be sure to read post #3:
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    lug nut torque ??

    I refer you to the charts on pages 67 and 75-76 of this document from our library for fastener torque values:,%20Brake%20-%20600-8K_Complete_Service_Manual_3-13.pdf The Dexter values should be...
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    Unknown hoses in compartment??

    Coming through walls/dividers without anti-chaffing grommets doesn't look OEM factory to me.
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    Breaker panel 2019 big country 4011erd

    Just to prevent confusion on a thread about an AC power breaker box, the electric component of all the slideout systems is powered by 12 volts DC. These slideouts mostly have 120 VAC outlets within them.
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    lug nut torque ??

    I wrote down the pertinent suspension torque numbers (lugnuts, spring U bolts, spring/equalizer bolts) on a file card that I keep inside the torque wrench box.
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    2016 Big horn 3160 freezer only goes down to 12 degrees.

    Maybe the operator's and service manuals can help you: Operators: Service:
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    2016 big horn 3160 couch with 3 uneven sections when pulled out

    The Heartland Service department should be able to supply you with a couch manufacturer name for your build (have VIN of RV for identification). Any possibility your slideout floor wood is (outside rainwater damage) rotted out?? This is a somewhat common problem posted on this forum.
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    RM3962 Dometic

    You might want to consider an ARP RV ammonia refrigerator electronic protection device to protect your cooling unit investment and give it an even longer life. It cuts off the boiler when it overheats due to the RV being out of level when parked temporarily (rest/lunch stops), or on mountain...
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    Stuck black tank valve

    Once you get access to the valve, you can pull on the valve shaft away from the pipe to open the valve and do your draining. If you can't fix the valve soon, you can put an external valve on the sewer water outlet fitting. The external valve is a valuable backup device to have if your main...
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    Residential Refrigerator/Freezer Problem

    Giving make/model of appliances when requesting help makes it easier to help you.
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    Refrigerator fans

    See # 5a on this webpage:
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    Leak Between Dump Valve and Tank

    Maybe you want to add a thick 1/2 inch?) outdoor rated piece of plywood under the tank with strap supports. That's what my fresh water tank had originally. You might want to drill a 1/2 inch hole at the center of the wood panel in case a little water somehow accumulates, to allow it to drain...
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    Onan 5500

    The generator is a "small engine" device where hard starting is a common problem. I would think that you would want the larger capacity of the house battery system for starting the generator over a small battery only dedicated to starting the generator. Using the house batteries for generator...
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    RM3962 Dometic

    I hope you have discovered that there are You Tube videos for most all of these cooling unit remove and replace jobs. You Tube has its own search bar.